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Default Journey from the Valley [RP]

Journey from the Valley


Wild pokémon have lived peacefully in a large area consisting of forest, plains, rivers, and lakes. All types of pokémon live here, but in spite of there being various types, there is not a large number of these pokémon living here. Why? It lies in a hidden valley, where for some strange reason, only the pokémon born there know about it. These pokémon haven’t seen the world outside the valley. No outsider has ever stumbled upon it-until now.

It started when a lone growlithe stumbled upon it by pure luck, and that growlithe was soon driven out by one of the valley pokémon. The growlithe, a young pokémon named Firestorm, wanted revenge, and had seen what a marvelous place that valley was, and so he later evolved, and recruited other pokémon-tough pokémon used to living in harsh places, and told them of the amazing valley he’d been to and seen, and soon left to travel to the valley and take it over, to claim it for themselves...

Firestorm and his army have now taken over the valley, and driven out the peaceful valley pokémon, after killing and injuring many. Now the valley pokémon find themselves out of the safety of their home, in lands they have never seen before. Their only hope is to find a new home, and one day come up with a way to stop Firestorm’s army and reclaim their territory.

Some of the pokémon have now banded together and have crossed the wastelands to reach a swamp.

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Nightfang glanced nervously at her surroundings, still not at ease with the place she and the others had found themselves in. The swamp was so unlike her home in the valley and everything she had been used to growing up. It was foreign, and she wasn't sure she knew all the potential dangers. That unnerved her. The mightyena shook moisture from her fur as she glanced toward their small group. They were the only survivors from the Valley and Firestorm's attack on it to band together, as far as she knew. She wondered if there were any more of them out there. There had to be...this certainly couldn't be all of them. Yet memories of the arcanine's ruthless attack surged through her mind, and she felt doubt creeping in. Trying to put it aside, she told herself that it was irrational. Of course there were others. The wasteland was a big place; they could have very well gotten lost. Gotten lost, she thought, and then what? The wasteland had plenty of danger.

Near her was one of her friends from the Valley, one who had managed to escape. She had known Bladestrike while living in her old home, but she still hardly recognized him now. The confused look had not left the scyther's eyes, and even now, seemed a bit nervous around her and some of the others. This unnerved her too. Bladestrike shouldn't act this way. His injuries also prevented him from flying, which was something that could have easily been used to their advantage.

Peering ahead, she could see that the swamp went on for quite a while. It was exhausting traveling through the mud, but they couldn't stay here. Fresh water was still hard to come by, and there was little food for them. Nightfang wasn't even sure where exactly they were going, in the long run, but she hoped they would find a place where they could rest and recover until they could decide for sure what to do. The wind ruffled her fur as she scanned the way ahead, trying not to let her worry and apprehension show.

Soon they would have to keep going.

Thanks to Lunar Latias for the banner and Kirimori for the picture!

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