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Default Re: First Impressions to Newcomers (About Skins)

Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post

I don't really see a conflict about deleting skins and changing the default. Your Adventure Awaits probably seems like the best skin to go with, with genwunners errrrrywhere. Some people have never played Gen V, and some people don't like it (for whatever reason), so Gen I is probably the most appealing.
Hey, I didn't say can it! I used that skin for a long time too, I mean only if people wanted to toss it. So let's not.

But yeah, Your Adventure Awaits or Version Reshiram are both really good and while Your Adventure Awaits captures classic Pokémon while Version Reshiram is more here and now with the 5th generation, I think either one of them would be way better.

Originally Posted by Sealboy View Post
I have no qualms with BlueCommune - been using it for all the time I've been on this site. The simplicity is why I like it I suppose; it's how I view Pe2k as a whole and always have done.

A new main theme would be nice though. Your Adventure Awaits is nice and old-school (although I dislike the bunched upyness of the middle), but Version Reshiram will intrigue and draw in new and younger members. Reshiram for me.

I've never liked BlueCommune. Sorry, I just don't. As both a graphic artist and a guy majoring in business marketing, eye-catching appeal, product recall, and communication is really needed to draw in the potential customer (in this case, new members). You've got to seize their curiosity and wonder right from the start. When people look at PE2K for the first time, they've got to see something that wows them and really tells them this place has got talent, it's cool, and they're Pokémon fans that are brimming with creativity. Las Vegas doesn't attract tourists with a poster and a box of crayons, and the opening ceremony of the Olympics sure isn't a kindergarten skit. They bring out the big guns, and we need to do that too. You need to bring out color, life, and some magic, and really rub it in that people who gaze upon PE2K are in for something cool, creative, and special.

BlueCommune just doesn't do that. Not by a long shot, no matter how you slice it. It just sends the wrong message that PE2K is just a simple forum with simple members and simple things going on, thus making everyone simpletons. Nah. If you walk into Best Buy shopping for electronics, sorry dude, but they're not stocking the black and white box televisions sets anymore or a Commodore 64. They'll show you the cool gadgets and the flat screen TVs and hardware that will knock your socks off. PE2K has to do that in a way a forum can present itself.

Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post
Hey Neo! I appreciate your feedback. Unfortunately we still don't have powers to mess with skins at all (adding/removing/editing or changing default) and Ryan is MIA/busy right now so I don't think much can actually be done at the present. :( But I completely agree with you and wish we could have some pretty new skins. In the meantime, I will see if I can get the default changed to Version Reshiram (I need to fix a few of the colour codes which I messed up when I made it, first @_@). YAA is a bit squishy on larger resolutions, so Version Reshiram with RM's awesome art is probably the way to go.

I appreciate you coming back to give us some advice. If there's anything else you think we can do to improve the forum I would be happy to hear it!
Sounds good, hope it can happen. But yeah, a lot of those old, boring skins... they remind me of all the old computer crap we recently hauled out of the attic, and having all that extra space just makes it seem so much cleaner. Trust me, when you get rid of old junk that hasn't been used in eons, you don't miss it.

Well, there were a few other things. The lag... is pretty bad. I hit a lag spike every now and then, especially when viewing member profiles and logging in. I don't know what's causing it, but it just feels like some kind of communication link between me and the server isn't optimized, and I know it's not on my end since this is the only site that I've seen this kind of thing happening. That is something to look into, since a sluggish forum is an unhappy forum.

Some sticky threads that haven't been posted in or used in years could probably be taken down and/or refreshed. It looks a little bad if "General Fan Fiction/Club/Whatever" chat hasn't had a post put in it in ages. Sometimes, you just need a fresh start for people to start using it again. Kind of like an old cookie jar that's filled with stale cookies and hasn't ever been used because no one likes the taste of those anymore. Just throw out the old, stale stuff, load in a fresh new look with new cookies, and people will start using it again. I know, gotta love silly analogies like this.

I'll let you know if something else comes to mind though. I'm pretty sure there was something I missed.

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