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Default Re: First Impressions to Newcomers (About Skins)

I think a lot of the styles on PE2K are rather bad, won't lie. First impressions are important so if a forum looks bad on the exterior a lot of people won't give it a chance. Definitely agree that the default should be changed at this point, especially when there's a skin that's much more fitting as we're currently in the fifth generation with B/W2 having been out for only a few months.

And those people that do give the site a chance despite the styles will see the cluttered stickies/rules, inactive staff, threads being posted in odd sections without being moved to a more appropriate place, laggy forum, and so on and just move on. I feel bad saying all of this but there is a very big reason why the site isn't active, and the above issues are some of 'em. D: There needs to be an effort on all of the staff members' part to get this place alive again and it just doesn't seem like it's being put out right now.

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