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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

"So do you think that's really the last we'll see of him?" Kiseki asked quietly as Kotomi sat on the other couch, watching as Caroline's father left the house. Everyone else was still with Ashley and the toddlers, though Kotomi's head began to hurt for some reason but didn't say anything. Vampires never got headaches, and she knew that, which was why she wasn't telling anyone because she didn't want to worry her friends and family. Instead, she had excused herself from the group and sat on the couch, hoping the headache would go away.

"It should be." Ichiru responded. "The compulsion won't be broken unless he becomes a Vampire in his case, which... I highly doubt will happen."

"Yeah... you're probably right." Kiseki's worries didn't seem to lift much that Kotomi could tell, which worried her.

"Have you and Caroline decided whether you want a boy or a girl yet? It's been a few days." Kotomi smiled when Kiseki's mood brightened up from the mention of the baby, and Kotomi knew that had been Ichiru's intention, plus she knew he was curious as well; they all were.

"We're still not completely sure yet... I kind of want a girl, though." Kiseki responded after a few moments, bringing Ichiru to chuckle softly.

"I figured you would say that."

"Say what?" Caroline asked as she joined Kiseki on the house, sitting next to the Vampire as she wrapped her arms gently around his neck and rested her head on his shoulder. Damon went upstairs with the others, though the group came back down since the toddlers were finished with their homework.

"About the baby. Kiseki wants a girl." Kotomi responded with a chuckle as Ashley sat next to Ichiru, the toddlers instantly running over to their parents as the puppy playfully chased after them. Abigail and Scarlet laughed, running around the couches as Raven ran after them.

"I've been leaning towards a girl too." Caroline giggled as she looked at Kiseki with a big smile, leaning over and kissing him.

"Scarlet!" Ashley yelled as she toddlers ran too close to the open fireplace, Scarlet tripping over her own feet and began to fall far too close to the flames. Ashley quickly used her speed and darted to her daughter like a bullet as Caroline pulled away her lips from Kiseki's to see what had happened, watching Ashley pick up her daughter before the toddler had fallen.

"Is she okay?" Kol asked as Ashley nodded, the brunette letting out a sigh.

"How many times has your father and I told the two of you to stay away from the fireplace?" Ashley asked as she looked from Scarlet to Abigail, the toddlers knowing they were in trouble.

"A lot..." Abigail said as she looked down, a pout on both hers and Scarlet's faces.

"And what did I say would happen if you guys played too close to the fireplace again?" Ashley asked, this time Scarlet looking away.

"That we would go in time-out..." Scarlet responded.

"Exactly." Ashley said, gently placing down Scarlet and pointed to the stairs. "The two of you upstairs. Now." Both toddlers quickly ran over to the stairs and up them as Ashley sighed, following her children. Damon chuckled, bringing Ashley to look over to him. "Don't make me put you in time-out too."

"I'd like to see you try." Damon grinned, to which Ashley smirked and disappeared up the stairs.

"She's a really good mother." Diana commented as Isobel nodded her head.

"Her and Ichiru have really come a long way." Isobel added with a smile, looking over to her son.

"I hope I'll be a good mother as Ashley." Diana said as she looked at the group.

"I hope I do too." Caroline added, a small smile on her face. Kol noticed Kotomi begin to rub the side of her temples with her eyes closed, looking as though she were in some kind of pain. Sensing someone watching her, Kotomi quickly opened her eyes, seeing Kol staring at her.

Are you okay? Kol pushed his thoughts to only Kotomi, the young Vampire slightly nodding.

Don't mention this to anyone, okay? You and I need to talk alone later. Kotomi responded. Kol gave a slight nod of his own, looking back towards the group as Ashley walked back down the stairs, though the toddlers were no where in sight.

"Where's Abigail and Scarlet?" Stefan asked.

"Abigail is in mine and Ichiru's room while Scarlet is in her own room. The twins have to sit on the beds for fifteen minutes without talking, which was why I separated them." Ashley responded.

"You're mean." Damon joked as Ashley laughed, joining Ichiru back on the couch.

"I'm not mean. They have to learn to listen to the house rules."

"Nope. You're just mean." Damon responded as Ashley stuck her tongue out at him.

"Well since you guys want a girl then we can finally go baby shopping!" Lexi said in excitement as she looked over to Caroline. "Let's go right now!"

"But the mall is closing." Caroline said with a laugh as she looked out the window, seeing that the sky had turned sunset orange as the sun was setting.

"Exactly, which means that we compel some security guards to let us in, we'll shop without an annoying crowd, compel the guards to erase the security tapes and then compel them to forget they ever saw us!" Lexi stated. "And only girls allowed. This is officially a girl's night out."

"Fine." Caroline giggled, looking over to Isobel, Diana, Kotomi and Ashley.

"I'm actually gonna stay home since I'm really tired." Kotomi said as she rubbed her eyes, doing her best to cover up the headache that was only worsening.

"I'm gonna stay home too to help Ichiru put the girls to bed for school tomorrow. I have a feeling that since they're in time-out they're going to be brats when it's time for them to sleep." Ashley responded, looking at Ichiru with a small smile. "You know how spiteful they can be with their grudges."

"Is it just the four of us then?" Isobel asked as she looked over to Caroline, Lexi, and Diana.

"Yeah I'll go. Even though it's far too early to know that the gender is I can still get an idea for what to buy." Diana said, placing her hand up to her stomach as Damon wrapped his arms around Diana's waist from behind, pulling her to him.

"And then when you get back..." Damon began, then whispered something in her ear. The young Witch blushed from Damon's words as he playfully bit her neck, the group laughing when Diana elbowed the Vampire in the ribs. It didn't hurt him at all however, to which he snickered.

"Let's start going." Caroline said as she laughed, giving Kiseki another kiss before standing up from the couch. Diana turned around and gave Damon a kiss while Lexi did the same with Stefan, though Diana leaned up and whispered something in Damon's ear this time. His eyebrow raised as he looked at her, a smirk on his face.

"Oh really? We'll just have to see later tonight then when we're alone." Damon said, giving Diana a devilish smile as she chuckled. Her, Caroline, Lexi and Isobel walked towards the front door, smiles on their faces. Caroline put her hand up to the doorknob and turned it after grabbing her bag from the counter, opening the door but took a step back. Her eyes widened in shock when she saw who was at the door, Finn standing there with rage written all over the Original's face.
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