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I watched my icy Cryogonal Substitute prepare the sharp, shiny Ice Shard. I thought this would be a good distraction, whilst the real Cryogonal recovered from damage. Therefore, making Farfetch’d worried. However, that fuzzy, brown Farfetch’d been a scheming one. However, it is not invincible! All Pokemon have its limits. For example, I remember when my Crobat was at such low health due to taking a Rock Slide attack. The rocks and tumbled down on my poisonous bat but the attack of a Rhydon for dangerous. It crashed to the ground in the hot, volcano. This was because it lived there and was a wild one. I was so worried about my Crobat that I called out and cheered. My poisonous Crobat knew what to do and instantly used Roost. Therefore, outsmarting that dumb Rhydon and owning it with Giga Drain! Crobat absorbed lots of damage off of Rhydon and won the battle! I was so proud, and therefore believed in all of my Pokemon. This is because they try their hardest with every battle they are in! Now Cryogonal will be the same here and come out on top of all these wild Pokemon in the Park!

As I asked Gaius for a jumper. I rubbed my arms quickly in the cold temperature and suddenly he responded with actions. He opened his back pack and unzipped it quickly. He tossed over through the cold air a jumper. I wrapped it around me to keep me warm!

“Thanks, Gaius,” I said and gave a thumbs up. “This should keep me warm and I’ll repay the favour back soon!” I wonder how I could repay my ranger, Gaius? I thought to myself. Anyways, I looked up at both Cryogonal, and Cryogonal Substitute. I watched the Substitute, icy mirror blast out an Ice Shard. The fuzzy duck, Farfetch’d looked at it and seemed to not be fazed. It simply shot straight towards it. Farfetch’d seemed to not be bothered and dazed off the Ice Shard illusion. In the background my Cryogonal was focusing on recovering its health. The recovery would be good for future battles, and Cryogonal could be at better strength. Suddenly, the fuzzy, brown duck grabbed its leek to draw the dirt. I wondered what this creature could be scheming now. The dirt was scrubbed about and the sunshine started to shiny brightly. I looked up as the clouds cleared and the temperature suddenly got really warm.

“So much for the icy temperatures,” I said out loud. “Cryogonal be careful, we cannot use your Ice-cold moves as effective here. I quickly took off Gaius’ spare jumper and tossed it back. Hopefully he captured it.

“Here, Gaius hold on to it for now,” I said and thanked. “Thanks so much for the assistance!” Cryogonal seemed a little depressed at the bright sunshine, which reflected off its icy mirror like body. “Cheer up Cryogonal,” I said with some encouragement. “No need to be down.”

“I have an idea but that Farfetch’d is becoming a pain now!” I said and shouted. “Cryogonal, let’s do this!” Cryogonal nodded as the sun shone brightly over the battlefield. Cryogonal levitated across the scorched air and pierced its dark eyes at the fuzzy, brown duck, “Cryogonal,” I said. “Let’s try a special move nobody would expect!” I smiled and laughed a little. I liked to goof around. “Cryogonal take the sunlight in and use Solarbeam!” This attack was just to use the bright sunshine to its advantage. Cryogonal started to absorb the bright sky’s sunshine and started to shine brightly. I remember in previously when my Venusaur did the same technique and used Sunny Day alongside Solarbeam. It blasted a Blastoise into a giant rock and crushed up the rock into small pieces. I love the move Solarbeam; it means so much and represents happiness. This is because it requires sunlight to work effectively.

“Take this giant Solarbeam, Farfetch’d,” I said, and pointed. “Your time is running out little bird.” Farfetch’d been a cool Pokemon, I could do with this mischievous on my side and include in alongside the team. That male fuzzy, brown duck would make a lot of friends within my Pokemon roster. Aerodactly would then have a soaring partner in the skies and both of them would be mischievous and cause havoc.
<3 Donny & Sooty you both will always be in my heart :)
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