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Default Re: Back to Basics: Fossil Fusion Moved

[MENTION=31153]Fossil Fusion[/MENTION]
Ranger: Gaius Tyrannius
Trainer: Chris
Area: Enigma Ruins
BP #4

“Crygonal,” Chris said, and waved. “Be careful, it must be scheming something. Cryogonal clone,” Chris shouted, and waved. “Prepare an Ice Shard.”

I thought this was an interesting choice. Substitutes couldn't do too much at all because of what they were, but since they were a portion of the original Pokemon's life force, they could do certain movements. The substitute could launch an Ice Shard, but it would be like a hologram and pass right through the Farfetch without doing any damage. I'm sure Chris knew this, so I could only surmise he just wanted to distract the Farfetch while he did something else.

“Cryogonal lets recover some of that energy of yours,” Chris shouted next. “Use Recover! Gaius,” he said, looking over at me. “Do you have a spare jumper I could borrow?”

Luckily for him, as a Ranger I was prepared for almost every situation one could encounter out here. I reached into my pack and tossed him the item to place over his clothing.

I turned back to the battle just as the clone Cryogonal fired off the Ice Shard. The Farfetch looked at the Ice Shard coming towards it and simply payed it no mind. As Cryogonal focused on recovering its lost health, the bird Pokemon started to use its leek to draw in the dirt. Once he had completed what he was drawing he started to dance about. A moment or two later the sun started to shine brightly. I immediately felt the heat.

It was a smart move by the Flying type. The sunny weather would stop Cryogonal from freezing the Pokemon again.


Battle Stats

Cryogonal 100.00%[Sub10.17]{Used Recover}
Farfetch’d 57.66%[-1Spd]{Used Sunny Day}

Trainer Info

Name: Chris
Location: Enigma Ruins
Trainer Items: Park balls x 3, Superball x 2, Hyper Ball x 1, Max Potions x 2, Pokeplayer(Drilbur), Park Pass
Area Effects: 13 Encounters Remaining | Sun - 5
Pokemon Encountered: ??? Tympole ??? | ??? Corphish ??? | ??? Whismur ??? | ??? Munna ??? | ??? Growlithe ??? | ??? Magikarp ??? | M Farfetch’d
Pokemon Captured:
CC since last encounter: 7,962 | 15,000

Pokemon Stats:
Modest | Genderless | Cryogonal @ Levitate w/ EMs: Substitute, Toxic, Protect, Blizzard, Hidden Power[Electric] | 100%

Adamant | Male | Nidoking @ Sheer Force w/ EMs: Ice Beam, Sludge Bomb, Thunderbolt, Earthquake, Substitute, Surf, Thunder Punch, Ice Punch, Fire Punch, Hone Claws, Outrage | 100%

Coordinator Stat's

Other URPG site (more active):

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