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Default Re: Leaves/Temporary Leaves/I'm Back Thread

Originally Posted by Neo Emolga View Post
Yeah, you know exactly how I feel about PE2K 100%. There are days where I wish I hadn't stumbled upon this place and spent so much time on it, and there are other days where I wonder how everyone's been doing after being away.

It has its pros and cons. The place is a mess, the loading times are enormous (noticed this one almost immediately), and I can see the activity situation isn't getting any better. But the community is close and people here have hearts of gold. Even if you leave for months at a time (like I've been doing), people still remember you and rejoice to see you back. I've never had a feeling that good anywhere else.

Also, don't ask me what I'm doing back here. I don't even know myself. I guess just to play catch up before I inevitably drift away again.
Ye I feel exactly the same. I feel the same. I feel I should devote myself to other thing's as this place has had it, there is no going back pe2k has officially passed into the dead zone, there is just no way it can recover again, but the community of whats left is so close and so knitted it's hard to leave them as if your leaving people and jumping off a sinking ship.

I feel bad for leaving pe2k but there are people to help and stuff to do else where, where I can do so much more than here. I could just occasional come here and make a post but what help is that to anyone? I decided I would leave and bow out gracefully, make it permanent so there was no looking back and I could egt on with other thing's and not look back.

After seing your post neo I just had to say something.
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