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Default Re: I has a Vlog (awkward moment)

Originally Posted by Charmander009 View Post
Mehbe xD I don't have a Youtube account, though--otherwise I'd be a subscriber x3

LoL, awesome xDDDD Do you hang that picture up on yer wall? xD Cuz you should--it's bootiful x3

Sure did! ^^ LoL, had to laugh at the whole shirt thing xD That's a bummer about the LA trip though D:
Hahaha, aw. Thank you :)

No, but I should do! xD My amazing artistic skills ;) Lol.

Yay! :D Haha, yeah, but I'll be able to go eventually :3 And hopefully I could have a few more Subscribers by then and some people might recognise me - but that's a big hope xD Just glad I can make people laugh though :3


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