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Default Re: GUESSWHAT. I have an original FC story for you all!

It happens. I had an auto accident back in 2008, and the damage to the other person's car was only a minor, baseball-sized dent in her bumper and the left turn signal light was knocked out.

She made a claim three years later claiming that minor accident disabled her for life and claims she can no longer work, even though she told me she was fine the day of the accident and she even turned down medical help with an ambulance arrived. So she suddenly decides exactly before the statute of limitations runs out that she wasn't actually okay. The whole thing goes to trial on December 17, this year, four years later. I know, Merry Christmas.

The main important thing is you're okay. But yes, some people see disaster as an opportunity to profit from it and some people are darn good at lying at it and darn good at being deceitful about it. Anyway, good luck with everything, hope you don't have to go through the kind of mess I'm going through.

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