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Default Re: King of the Hill

[Dragon Tech is the list of abilities purely meant for Dragoons. It includes the mighty Jump and various breath weapons, as well as other fun things that I did not use. If you want I could list abilities for that class which I switched from if it would help... I switched to a Paladin with the class specific set Chivalry and as a second White Magic, I am using the Paladin's Reflex rendering your hammers useless, not to mention I have nothing really to steal and I used a spell for auto-reflect, so magic is no good, I also learned your overshadow, but I am not really taking advantage of it right now. You could check back to see how. Look for the Blue Mage]
[There is a combo specific to each class, they all do the same thing... They are a full damage, completely unavoidable, ability ignoring beat down... So technically if I were to use any combo your abilities would be nulled for the duration of the combo, you would take a massive amount of damage, and you really couldn't deny it whether you want to or not. Another note is that if I had buddies that also had a combo they could join in the beat down for even more damage, of course they can actually miss.]

While you read the wall of text answering your questions, I sneak up behind you, and set you carefully on the bottom of the hill. I go back up and claim it. My Hill.
"I was talking with a friend, and we ended up with Zeus being Mr. Clean and going around banishing dust with a single wipe"
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