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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Blue Version

Charlie looked down at her Pokemon.
Charlie: "Do you think we should head to a Pokemon Center to be sure our Pokemon are at their tip-top shape?"
Pince: "What is this battle thing about?"
Charlie: (whispering) "We are planning a Casino Heist afterall."
Sear: "We are going to break into a Casino!"
Dusty: "Meh... I think I will pass."
Eltry: "Well I am ready if we need surveilance or something like that."
Hyperio: "What do you know about surveilance?"
"A lot... I used to watch trainers stumble around dark places. It was quite funny!"
Togue: "I guess I will do the breaking then..."
Viceroy: "Well... Does anyone else thing this is a bad idea?"
Pince: "I don't like this idea either."
Viceroy: "Yes! A rational Pokemon!"
Dusty: "I think I want to pass on the entire thing."
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