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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Blue Version

(Blaze remember you character is with the group whenever they move. Please try to keep up with whats happening or your character will be left out of whats happening in the story.)

(In Lavender Town a month and half ago. Meg fights with Dredd sending him flying into the Spirit Tomb. The Creature wraps its arms around Dredd sealing him in. Meg gets up in the smoke filled room and leaves, helping Koga on the way out. 20 minutes pass and the tomb beings to rock around, soon it slides open spitting out a young man. The guy crawls away from it dropping on his stomach, he struggles to get to his feet. He is shocked to find that he is in a psychically different from when he left. He realizes that he is not in his body. He grips onto his arm tightly as he feels sting of burns all over his body. These burns are no normal burns, he is now in a shadowy form..Dredd has done this to him, while he is in this form he will feel nothing but pain. He also seems to have lost his psychic powers. He reaches for his belt noticing that all of his pokeballs are gone, everything he has is gone. It was left behind with his body. He finds 6 dark pokeballs







(the pokemon are temp for markus they should not be added to the dex.)

Markus gets to his feet the pain shaking his body. He can feel eyes on him. Soon the voice echos through his body.

"Move boy that body is not meant to last forever."

On the other side of Kanto the group stands in front of a pound the other man just explained to them that they have one day to perpare for a huge battle.

Stacy looks at the group. "Make sure you bring your strongest pokemon guys!"

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