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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

Markus can feel the cold presence of Dredd moving closer.
" Your one mistake is trying to understand us. We can not be understood by you. That machine gave birth to us, by separating our soul from our body. No other person would have survived the fact several others died in the process. As far as feelings or emotions are concerned, the closest I get to what you would describe as Joy is that moment right before someones spirit breaks and they know they are going to, happiness, loyalty and fear do not effect me or my actions. I am not currently the most powerful being but I will be."

Right before Markus crosses through he looks back to see Gold being dragged in the room. He feels the pull grow stronger and stronger.

"There is more at stake than just hurt feelings, bring back that stone or whats left of you and your friends will be destroyed. Oh and Hurry because the longer you are gone the stronger Giovanni grows in your world. "

Markus blacks out.

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