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Originally Posted by Lan.exe View Post
Says the cancer.

4chan, home of socially awkward 14 year olds everywhere. Anyone who thinks 4chan is "cool" needs to reconsider themselves. Sure, it's a great idea, an anonymous image board with no restrictions, but this cult following of teenagers it's developed over the years is nothing more than annoying. I'm tired of the endless obsession over that cesspool of human indecency. Sure, there's funny stuff, but there's funny stuff everywhere. To attribute the invention of memes to some place like 4chan is no more than common misconception. People are funny, and they're going to be funny everywhere on the internet and in life.

It might not count for anything, but I frequented 4chan before the term cancer was even used to describe annoying kids.
''Socially awkward 14 year olds'' are just a small part of the cancer that is killing /b/, even the mods can be cancer at times. Example:

They are cancer for allowing this to happen
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