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Default Re: King of the Hill

[that was one of a more pleasant ways of dealing with your limiting me, but here is another]

I switch classes to Blue Mage[again no switch penalties] Blue Mage, not being a base class, allows me to use abilities against you. I equip the support ability learning, which is a Blue Mage specialty, which lets me learn abilities used against me. I attack repeatidly, slowly learning your overshadow ability. I eventually learn it and gain the ability to use it.

I switch to Paladin, which you will not like. It is far from base because it requires experience from several classes prior to being available.

Paladins learn Reflex, which means standard attacks cannot injure me, you therefore can only injure me with magic because you are a warlock (options of magic or a standard attack). To make matters worse I use my secondary action abilities to cast Auto-Reflect. Magic can no longer hit me. I can do this even without overshadow because frankly, it does not effect your person.

Stealing my abilities would be rather ineffective because they would still only copy them, so I would lose nothing. I also do not need equipment nor weapons since you have no way of effectively hitting me.

You remember how I learned the ability overshadow since you literally taught it to me by defeating me continuously. Being passive I apply it to my support slot. I can counter your overshadow now. Even though I really don't even need to.

I also gain the knights combo[FFTA fact: Combos bypass all abilities!]
[Oh btw I played well over 100 hours of FFTA, so I unlocked a lot of stuff... and I still have worse if you want me to go there]

Since you cannot stop me I push you off the hill and claim it.
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