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To clarify, I'll explain two things. The Oblivion Hammers? Well, Nonexistance is a very tricky substance to describe, like, at all, but it's basically the 'physical' aspect of the hammer that keeps the energy in-line while making sure magic is absolutely not required. I don't know how that boss got it that way! Ask him while he's killing you if you're that interested. Second off, and more important, the Overshadow ability treats any class that doesn't require a Class-up and any class that requires only one Class-up as an ability that has to go. To further explain why what you did is impossible, tf it's a class ability from a class that has no requirements, it's treated as a base class, and likewise, anything that only requires you to class-up (as in, upgrade your class from) a base class is a stage-1 class. FAR from having no skills whatsoever that prevented you from nulling me, you were absolutely nulled because EVERY ability was from a lower class.



I use the impossible thievery skills of Carmen Sandiago to steal all of my stuff back. I got the ability as a me-bound quest reward, and anything me-bound is going to violently ruin any attempts to steal it (it's literally impossible, even for I and Carmen Sandiago, both thieves who could steal landmarks, continents, and the attributes of items and people). So Drago, don't you even DARE. It's also above Overshadow's influence (I got it as a Tier-2 classless ability, something Overshadow doesn't cover) So, in essence, it would bore me greatly. And no, the impossible thievery skills of Carmen Sandiago only require line of sight and about me being 15 meters close. Not even physical contact. It steals everything in a shot, except player-bound stuff or anything not tagged by the user, so to prove I'm sporting, that'll means anything you had originally. It also has a humongous cooldown, the more items the higher (fortunately I get that toll cut somewhat by those items originally being owned by me), so don't get all worrying about it. It takes too much time to spam.

She made little sense, I know. I'm still kind of confused how it's supposed to work. Then again, for someone that can steal the attributes of an object or a person...


You're now armorless. While Drago's desparately trying to open the inventory and re-equip something, I smash you into a nice paste with the blunt of Gold's Splitting Maul (I'm sure he wouldn't mind at this point, considering the danger levels). No, not a KO, PASTE. DRAGO IS DEAD.

Fortunately, the nice nurses at the HosPITol are now capable of reviving the dead, so time-reverting powers are no longer nessicary. It's about as quick as a respawn (indeed, the HosPITol IS the respawn system), so go have a ball with that.

Try that again and you will NOT like the results. I have my methods, boy!

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