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Default Re: King of the Hill

Technically if they were pure energy they could not take a physical shape and would do absolutely no damage. In order to do anything and even be held they would have to magical.
I may except a rational explanation of why a weapon made of pure energy would retain its shape and be useable and effective without being magical.

So my cross studied abilities don't work unless I have your ability?
I will start being mean now.
Because in FFTA you can shift classes with 0 penalty, I shift to Thief, and because no abilities have less than a tier 1 rating, I use Steal:ability.
Since you have multiple abilities in play, I steal them all and become "jail-broken" because I have your abilities in play as well as mine. This causes me to lose my "class" status and gain all abilities that you have currently and those that my extremely large class pool that the world I am pulling from has. The fact i gain your "overshadow" means that this pool that I have unrestricted access to allows me to use literally any and all of it.
In essence trying to make me less annoying made me a lot more annoying. Since immunity to all damage is now as simple as this.
I cast Spell Reflection and because I have Reflex your melee, as well as ranged, attempts are useless. [I would rather not go through the full list of moves available... just know you cannot use magic or melee nor ranged attacks to damage me.]
To annoy you further, I use the Paladin's ability, Drop-Weapon, to force you Oblivion Hammers into your inventory. Since energy/magic weapons can not enter the inventory, they dissapear.
I then use more steal abilities to strip you of all equipment and weapons. I then use Paladin's Parsley to remove you from combat and putting you at the bottom of the hill.

[I will shift back into a class later, and limit myself again. I will retain your abilities and will seriously pester you some more if you try and limit me again]
P.S. I do not enjoy being completely unbroken and unrestrained.
Right there I could have been a lot worse.
Edit: if it helps I will go ahead and ditch this overpowered status because I don't like it anymore than you do.

I shift classes to Paladin... and lose my near invincibility.
Will show off my stuff and abilities later =P
"I was talking with a friend, and we ended up with Zeus being Mr. Clean and going around banishing dust with a single wipe"
-Eternal Moonlight
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