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Amiel Sable
Deviant Tuner
Grant's Pass, Junkyard, USA
ARPer's: Everyone at the junkyard

The only real reason I stuck around was because of the first thing I saw; Doctor Knowsitall being held up by some other new guy that I had no idea who it was. Well he already got brownie points for doing something I hadn’t the time to do earlier. Hell I almost giggled at it, but it was only the thought of a thought of doing it. I hadn’t laughed in years, and I had a feeling that wasn’t going to happen for a long time to come. Recovering as the sole survivor of the worst mental epidemic of all time didn’t exactly happen as fast as playing Row Row Row Your Boat. As I watched, slightly out of amusement and for the sake of knowing while no one noticed I was there, hopefully… it seemed that no one else liked the big bad doctor. Excellent, I wasn’t as insane as I thought I was, though was disappointed that one of the first Enginez I meet after coming back is this ego inflated ass who would suffocate everyone in Devon’s small living room if he so much as stood in the doorway. Every sentence of his was slowly starting to piss me off, whereas what anyone else said, made me less so.

I felt my head snap in another direction. Why? Someone was staring at me. In face, a couple people were. So much for not being noticed… One of them, I could see ear buds hanging out of her hood, and I could hear the music from them. Music that I wasn’t playing…

People… talking… colour… music that wasn’t mine…

I could feel my brain shutting down, as if it wanted to hide. I couldn’t let it, no, it wasn’t going to hide away. I kept staring at the one girl, pushing the door completely open while I had an audience of sorts. I didn’t move, as standing still was a good skill of mine thanks to going under, as I called it. It was as if she never saw someone afflicted with the condition in her life, or at least, had no expectation of seeing one. I didn’t like that prospect too much, but what made it worse was that she started singing.


I stopped, and listened. I knew what the song was, and which part, who it was done by. However, I had to pause at the sheer confusion of someone performing what would be considered a martyr’s act in the modern rules of society at the sight of one person who looked like they were of WAE. I didn’t stop staring at this girl, for reasons beyond my current understanding. Either she was really good at singing, and this was a defensive reaction in order to stun people with guns, or it was a fear reaction that would make the people with those guns, shoot her. Great, now I either had a walking bullet magnet or a deadly siren. Or both, both would have been just… fantastic… because we definitely needed something like that to keep low key. I was going to go with the bullet magnet on this one because it was really looking like a fear reaction that Rambo on the right of me could have dealt with. Then again, the guy with a master’s degree in ego inflation and assery seemed to be distracting everyone else from the fact that this girl, was pretty much committing borderline suicide, if it were anywhere else, but here. As she continued to sing, I pulled out my phone slash mp3, whatever they were called these days. I found the song, the same version she was singing. I timed it correctly to her lines, the beat, and rhythm of what would be if we had a full set of instruments. The device was on mute, but as I turned it up, slowly, the song timed up perfectly with the girl’s words. I held up my phone as I increased the volume, making it clear as to what I was doing.

Sure as hell no WAE, or even a moderate Tuner could do what I just did. Before I could respond, the Ego Master’s words finally hit my ears. I took in what he said, and it echoed in a hollow of my mind. I slowly turned to him, walking up to him with deadly intent, as if he wasn’t off the ground thanks to Rambo over there, I would have run him over.

“Suffer and die… Suffer…and die? You ignorant, self centered, egotistical, son of a bitch… the only reason your nose isn’t broken right now is because someone else is going to beat me too it, and I need my hands for playing music. Everyone of WAE suffers, everyone. Having your very mind ripped apart like some twisted biology lab, and examined, isolated and burned away with the dull, unending imprisonment of depression, lack of motivation, and loss while your Sona has no way to contact you… No way to keep you company, and no way to save you while they are broken down, thrown into a hell hole that alters their appearance and personality to sever the link that you created with your very heart and soul… You don’t call that, suffering? You don’t call that a death of its own kind? No one, on this damn planet knows for sure, what their Sona looks like; it always slightly deviates from what actually is because they develop in their own way, as to people. WAE takes that familiarity away and only leaves a ghost of what was behind. There is nothing to grasp for because who they were, is frozen and annihilated from your reach, erased from what you know. Your horizon is obliterated, leaving you with no safe haven. You endure torture, alone. You are murdered from the inside, alone. If you don’t call that suffering and death, then you are the most pathetic excuse for an existing, breathing thing I’ve ever had the displeasure to come across.”

You don’t get away with pissing me off.

“I don’t know why I’m so special to have recovered from the apocalypse that is slowly growing to full completion across the globe. I’ve been hailed as some kind of savior, and I’ve been accused of everyone else’s problems, and even for all of WAE happening. I’m not WAE, and I’m not a true Deviant anymore, so I’m the odd one out. I’m a shadow, that’s all I am. I endured everything that these people had to go through, and I know that it’s different for everyone. So if you dare… suggest anything about such things again… I will go out of my way to make you feel the pain that this planet, and Nexen itself are feeling, and don’t think I don’t have the ability to do so…”

I turned after staring at him for a bit, burning holes into him. I headed back to the door, stopping briefly.

“Veza may have chosen your Sona’s, but that doesn’t mean I trust any of you. This side, is a whole other story.”

I slammed the door behind me, hard, and returned to the table I was sitting at previously. I wanted less, and less to do with these people the more I thought about it. I didn’t have to work with these people if Veza had to deal with their Sona’s.

Veza Ryngsen
Ahaelos, Nexen
ARPer's: That group yo.

I was far too distracted by the heat that I kept feeling from the ground to pay much attention to anyone else. For some reason I was drawn to it, and it felt it was incredibly far down. I wanted to say we were walking over a volcanic vein, but that wasn’t possible if it wasn’t geothermal. Even a geyser gave off that kind of energy, that’s what made the water hot. I got on all fours to try and see if I could determine the source of the heat, maybe what it was. The moss between my claws threw me off a bit, but it was unusually soft, and dare I say, comfortable. I tried to create friction between the particles down below to trace back the heat, which was difficult to do when your specialty was making things explode.

That didn’t stop it from happening though. Before I knew it, earth and stone struck my face in a liquid fashion, temporarily blinding me as I tried to jump back. My neck and head followed through with the motion I was attempting to make, however my claws did not move from their placement. I pulled as hard as I could but they refused to move. Beyond twitching, I was trapped within the rocks, trying vigorously to free myself by jerking it out of the ground.

Then the ground pulled back.

Something was trying to pull me into the ground, and whatever it was gave off such incredible heat, I knew I would have received heavy burns if not for my scaly armor. A warm grip took a hold of my ankles, leaving only my tail and wings free. I whipped my tail around and flapped my wings, but all that did was kick up more dust and debris. I could barely see what was going on around me, but all I could hear, was moaning, and the sound of rocks grinding together. The level of heat around us was increasing dramatically, and I could feel something, trying to grab for my right wing. What I saw, was a hand, created entirely out of a skeleton of engraved, glowing stones, with tendons of roots reaching for whatever they could find.

Whatever limbs couldn’t grab anything lifted their bodies out of the ground. Some were quadrupeds, some hexapeds, others looked like large arachnids, and some as a more classic looking golem. Each one were made out of the earth and wood, some bearing trees that had grown on them from the surface, others were missing a limb, or head entirely. Their engravings on their stones were all different, all in different shades of red, orange and copper. While I wasn’t being attacked other than having these things try to bury me alive, those that weren’t trapped were rushed by the rest. What was worse is that they didn’t even care if they crashed into each other, as one limb fell off; it only reassembled itself in a matter of seconds.

I couldn’t hear them, but they were all chanting something.

Adrian Acursio
Affected RPer's: Winter

Adrian seemed confused by Nova’s earlier question about whether he was okay or not, or, did he even ask that question at all? The albino wasn’t sure, in fact he wasn’t sure why he did call Ryza here in the first place, or Nova. All he remembered was the coffee. He slowly looked over at it, unnervingly slow, and stared at it. There was a towel nearby, and he slowly got up, grabbed it, and set it on the spill, moving his left hand in circles even more slowly than he had gotten up to clean up the mess. Adrian was silent the entire time. Once he was finished, he picked up the towel, and stared at it for a while, as if he was straining to find a detail that wasn’t there.

“…am I okay?” He repeated Nova’s earlier question, in a rather high strung voice, not directed at his guests. “I think I am okay…I think—oh, yes Nova, Ryza. I did call you… for something…”

Adrian kept holding the caffeine soaked fabric in his hand as he walked back over towards them, closing the door behind them. Meandering back in front of them, almost in a fashion as if he were possessed, he sat back down in his chair.

“I apologize… I am recovering from a rather abrupt headache. No one can see or hear us in here.” He explained, looking at the towel in his hand, and then holding it up to the caretaker. “Nova…can you tell me what colour you see? You may answer whenever you like.”

He held it up in silence, wondering if Nova would answer him or not. His expression was blank, and his tone was completely emotionless and nothing of that of an accusation. After waiting awhile, he slowly put the towel down, and hung it over one of the arms of his chair. His attention turned to Ryza, of who he looked at slightly differently than Nova, and if you were just that analytical, it almost looked like it was out of desperation.

“Ryza, I need to ask you a favor.” He told her quietly. “I would like you to try and do, what you did to those scientists that held you, and do it to me.”

Adrian was completely serious with his request, and his demeanour did not falter.
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