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Default Re: King of the Hill

First, Oblivion Hammers to some unlucky PE2K Hill Fighter's Car. If you're in it, Dragotech, know that I've checked the whole thread, and I've realized that the Oblivion Hammers (Aka the Voidial Hammers) aren't magical, just energetic, meaning the Mirror Mail could NEVER have reflected the blow back, because Mirror Mail only reflects magic and the Oblivion Hammers are 100% not magic (energetic things are just energy-Magic is a kind of tag to energy that guides it further, but weakens it). I just wrecked the car, however, for the huge EXP for vheicle destruction...And after that...



--> Warlock Lord
-Magic Lord


Warlock Lord, the best Class I have (thus far)! It grants me an ability called 'Overshadow,' which prevents anything lower than tier 1 class abilities (or anything cross-classed) from working, meaning Tier 1 and base class abilities (and cross-classed abilities) are now worthless! It depends on what your base class(es) were, but still...It makes Dragotech a little less of an annoyance. Also only works if I'm being targeted or targeting the individual with those abilities. Doesn't work on another person with 'Overshadow,' though, but nobody else has that...

Also, better stats. Much better stats. Always good to have additional stats.

I cheer in my newfound victory by investing a skill point in 'Weapon grapple,' which is rather basic. It lets me grab onto a weapon and pull whoever's weapon I grabbed towards me. That means your spear, Drago, is officially screwed over.

*gets Drago to harm him and make him use the spear so he can demonstrate the ability and use that counter he previously used with the spikes and his high-damage Oblivion Hammers. OHKO.*

...Yhea, long post for this thread. But SOOOOOO worth it!
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