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Default Lacking conviction and/or motivation?

I seem to have a common issue. I start something, anything, and about halfway through it I start something else. The first "something" gets neglected so much that eventually I completely forget about it. Then halfway through the new something I try to start another thing.

The pattern repeats in a never ending loop of me feeling bogged down when I look around my computer and see about 50 half completed things staring at me asking "Why did you abandon us master? Do we not please you?"

The truth is, more or less, that I just got bored with my own ideas long enough to have something else jump into my noggin, and by the time I try to return to an old thing I either don't remember what I had planned for it OR it's now more of a chore than a fun thing to do.

Case in point: All during middle school and high school I was writing a sci-fi novel series. I loved it, friends loved it, everyone I showed it to really liked it. But once I entered college I stopped writing so I could work on a dictionary for one of the alien races. Halfway through that I started typing my series on the computer, fixing mistakes and adding spots for character depth. I decided to work on a tabletop RPG for this series too, which only made my friends even happier. When I left college back in May, I stopped writing and working on the rpg all together. Everyone seemed rather upset, but I was too bored to care.

The most annoying part of this, is that there's no idea to toss the blame on this time. My mind used to race with the speed of an Olympian champion, birthing new ideas every day. I have a whole notebook filled with stories and ideas.

This time though, everything just stopped. The gears inside seem to have rusted up.

Does anyone else have a similar problem or any advice? I'm sick of hearing all my incomplete projects whining.
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