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Default Re: King of the Hill

The fun thing about Ender Chests is that any contents that anyone places inside the chest are effectively invincible, as I can simply build/find another Ender Chest and retrieve the items I stored. BUT ANYWAYS.

You have invoked the wrath of a Reality Warper. Regardless of the fact your actions are at MOST annoying (Broke out of the chest, destroyed the tower, got some practical and common drops along the way back to the hill), I know you don't have any nice intentions. SO, 1, I use a ridiculously rare item called a Permanent Tracer, which, considering the Trace Ability, you can kind of guess what it does. Destroying it in the process, I permanently trace all of your abilities with it. 2, I hit you. So I am countering you, you're taking damage from the Spikes, and the separate physical attack damage Spikes do when hit, while you only have counter. Needless to say, you go down, and I warp you away before auto- Revive kicks in.

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