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Default Re: King of the Hill

Dude the counter ability I am using is literally called counter[it is from the FFTA it can be learned by theives and white monks as well as Mog knights], and it automatically activates if you hit me/damage me within range of my melee attack it activates.
So you get knocked off of the hill because you do activate my counter ability. My Auto-Regen heals me and My auto-Revive heals my mysterious KO. I enter creative mode and break the Obsidian wit muh hand.
Since I am the only one standing on the hill... My hill.

Quick skill tree I am using:
Thief: no requirements, unrelated to the rest, I pulled Maintenance
Warrior: No requirements, I am not really using much from here... most of these aren't all that great
White Monk: No requirements, I am using Counter
Templar: requirements: Warrior Action Ability +2 Not playing with this right now
Dragoon: Requirements: Warrior Action Ability +2 Using pretty much all these abilities
Gladiator: Requirements: Warrior Action Ability +2 Not playing with these yet
Defender: Requirements: White Monk Action Ability +2 I am using these atm
Bishop: Requirements: White Monk Action Ability +2 You may hope I don't have to use these

If it helps: (this is muh current stuff)
Equipment: (5 slots)
Bangaa Spike (my spear)
Ganya Helm (really cool helmet)
Mirror Mail (magic deflection)
Fairy Shoes (teleportation)
Bone Armlets (absorb dark)

Abilities (2 A ability slots, one React slot, one support slot, one combo slot)
Dragon Tech (Dragoon)
Defend (Defender)
Counter (White Monk or Thief)
Maintenance (Thief)
Dragon Combo (Dragoon)
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