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Default Re: Journey from the Valley Discussion and SU

If this RP is still going underway then here's my sign up.

Name: Symon "Sy"

Species: Riolu

Gender: Male

History: Sy lived with his parents and older brother when they lived in the valley but they sadly didn't survive the raid, leaving Sy devastated. Sy was very close to his brother and they always hung out together. Sy felt quite lost and lonely without him

Personality: Rather shy and very modest but also extremely loyal even to a fault and won't leave a friend behind no matter how much they try to push him away he is very mild mannered and doesn't anger easily, but if you do manage to anger him somehow you may wish you hadn't. because when he's angry he doesn't think straight and can rather rash. when motivated, Sy can be quite determined and won't give up no matter hopeless a situation may seem.

Appearance: Looks like an average Riolu he has a small tuft of hair on his head and wears a green scarf (The kind you'd wear in the winter) which belonged to his brother.

If there's anything I need to fix just let me know. :) *Goes to bed as it's half past midnight here*
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