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As I watched my icy Mirror recover from the Air Slash of the Farfetch'd. I needed to come up with a quick plan to narrow down its health.
The Ice Beam must of slowed down the brown bird and reduce as much damage as possible. I sure love my Cryogonal. Lots and Lots <3 The Farfetch'd is too fast, I thought.

"I need to come up with something to narrow its health down even more." I said to myself. I know I can rely on Crygonal to perform. As the bird squawked at the Ice cold beam. I noticed its leek stem started to charge at my icicle mirror. Therefore, this would cause devastation.

"Oh dear," I said to Cryogonal. "Are you okay?" As the leek was picked up by Farfetch'd again, Cryogonal shivered for a moment. Then, my Pokemon turned around and nodded in a mysterious levitiational nod.
"Cryogonal, quickly use Substitute!" I shouted at the top of my voice. "Let's make that crazy bird that two can be tougher than one!" Cryogonal used to roam free and alone before it became my Pokemon. The mirror creature used to always tell me about its past. Therefore, we combined forces to conquer the Pokemon ladder to greatness. I frequently reminisce of how I protected Cryogonal from an evil poacher who tried to capture it. Then , that’s when it hit me that we were meant to be!

“Cryogonal, you can do it,” I shouted. “I believe in you!”
<3 Donny & Sooty you both will always be in my heart :)
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