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Default Re: [DS] A question of interest. (Viral Overgrowth Idea)

Originally Posted by Neo Emolga View Post
I took a look at Journeymon, but I'll be honest, I'm just tired of the rookie Pokemon trainer role. I think the points system is a creative risk, but I have a feeling that may either help the RP take on an interesting approach of requiring a player to develop their team over time and make choices carefully, or it may be a little too distracting and more of a hassle to deal with. Also, I have some mixed feelings about the towers idea. The origin of their creation is kind of cliché, and just seems like the one objective the RPers need to target is the only mission of the entire RP. To me, it just seems like too much of the plot weighs on the towers themselves and the frenzied Pokemon near them. I think it would be best if there were multiple issues that linked together, and make it seem more like a puzzle that needed to be figured out piece by piece, open to the interpretation of the RPers themselves. Instead, it seems like given the situation, the RP may just be about a long team-building grind before they can really set out to attack the main problem. That kind of thing may grow stale among your participants before getting to the real core of the plot.

Again, it has potential, but personally, I'm just not really drawn to it. I'd rather focus on developing an intriguing storyline than grind to earn points and invest them.
As I said, Journeymon is an experiment for something bigger. I've created storylines before where the main plot of an RP was completely changed by the players over discussion, and I'm hoping to promote that again. Of course I don't want to overcomplicate things, because I seem to be really reaaaaaally good at that, and put something up there for the new players. I notice that's what a lot of new players seem to do a lot of when they start. The Journeymon storyline as a whole, whats put up on the thread right now is what I'd like to call... maybe 5% of what's actually going to happen. I'm completely open for suggestions, as I'm trying to encourage people to make their own stories in the RP. It's also getting out of my usual RP mold. Well more like taking it and shattering it into oblivion with an atomic bomb, as, like I said, I'm totally winging it. I'm not usually for the rookie role either but it seems to be what I call a safe go-to thing for new role players. If it works, it works, if not, I know and I will try again. My points system isn't so much of a grind, I give people points if they add to the story, add to their character development, aside from other things such as, figuring out my evil little plans early on.

I'd call it a polar opposite to Nexen where I have the entirety of the main plot fleshed out and everyone knows what's going on, but what actually happens is up to the players. It's also a super complicated RP because my mind knows no other way of thinking. Comparing Journeymon to Nexen, honestly Journeymon was harder to write because I had to keep it so simple. Nexen can be seen as incredibly complicated, however it's of my own personal, original creation. Then something inbetween that I would call on an RP of mine known as 'Tides of Freelance' but that's been under heavy refining for years.

Not RP is for everyone though, and it's next to impossible to please everyone. I'm just doing my best and throwing random stuff out there so I can use people as guinea pi--I mean, give bored role players something to do...*cough*
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