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Default Re: Journeymon [RP]

IDENTITY: Lee Thatcher, Psychic Boy Wonder
LOCATION: Aspertia City
CURRENTLY: Arriving at le Gym
MULAH: 11 points

“~Why should I worry?
Why should I care?
I may not have a dime
But I got street savior faire~”

Shadow kept her eyes trained on the Skarmory soaring overhead. It seemed to have noticed their presence, and had quickened its wing-beats. The Abra was loath to admit it, but it seemed that Lee was right; the bird seemed to be leading them someplace. She watched it so closely that she nearly fell off when the skateboard suddenly slipped away from beneath their feet.

Lee laughed at her as he spun the skateboard in a kickflip below him.

<What do you think you’re doing?> she sharply scolded him. <We don’t have time for this!>

The boy only smiled impishly. Ignoring her completely, hopped up onto the cement boarder of a planter and grinded across it with ease.

<Lee!> Shadow clung to his leg anxiously. <Stop it!>

The boy suddenly swerved from the main road, cutting through a small park. He kicked at the ground, swiftly increasing his speed as he eyed the path ahead for potential ramps. The skateboarder found a bench to grind against, but he wasn’t satisfied with its length. Gliding onwards, he soon spotted a place where the ground dropped down into a flight of stairs.

<Don’t you even…> growled Shadow.

Lee stayed right on course, shooting towards the stairs undaunted. He felt Shadow teleport away just as the skateboard shot out into empty air. Freed from her weight, the psychic went all out, kicking his board into a rapid spin. The boy held his hands out to balance himself, smiling as he fancied himself flying across the park. All too quickly, gravity returned him to the ground. He landed on his board, smiling with satisfaction.

A disgruntled Abra suddenly reappeared on the back of his board. <Are you happy now?> she asked sourly.

Lee glanced over his shoulder, immediately thinking of several more tricks he could pull off here. They would have to wait until later, unfortunately. “For now,” the boy shrugged.

<Good. Because we lost that stupid—>

She stopped herself as Lee swerved up an incline, coming back out into the streets. The Skarmory was still overhead, leading the way ahead. The Abra sighed and shook her head.

<Relax,> Lee snickered. <I know what I’m doing.>

<I’m sure you do…> her words dripped with sarcasm and doubt.

They followed the Skarmory for a ways before it suddenly shot out of their sight, faster than the eye could follow. All it left behind was yet another glaring flash of light.

<Great,> grumbled Abra dismally as they pulled to a stop. <There went your clue. Now what?>

Lee frowned, noting the building the bird Pokémon had circled before it disappeared. He was not familiar with this area at all—but he wondered if it was the rendezvous point. Kicking his skateboard up into his hands, the psychic made his way towards the decrepit building. The place looked abandoned; as far as he could tell, he and Shadow were the only souls around.

“What a dump,” Lee curled his lip as he took in the building’s neglected state. This wasn’t exactly what he had expected—but then again, why should he be surprised? As secretive as this all was, it made sense that this meeting or whatever would take place in such a… low key place.

Shadow’s ears suddenly twitched. <Someone’s here…> She stayed silent for a while as she tuned in to her acute senses. <A woman… and a Pokémon—no, wait. Two Pokémon.>

“Yeah?” Lee turned to her with vague interest.

Shadow pointed with a claw. Following, Lee watched as a small weasel-like creature led a fox and a woman around the back of the building. The latter two looked a bit lost, and he immediately suspected that they were here for the same reason he was. But the weasel thing… It was a Mienfoo, wasn’t it?

“What do you know about Mienfoo?” the boy asked his partner.

<Let’s see… they’re definitely fighting types. If I recall right, they train meticulously to master the martial arts…>

“Master, you say?” Lee perked up at the word. He frowned thoughtfully as he continued watching the trio. Switching his board to his other hand, he declared, “Well, looks like the riddle’s solved. Let’s get going.”


“‘Follow the tiny master, and give the master’s master your name’,” the boy quoted with a mockingly ominous tone. “Come on, before we lose them.”

The two hurried to catch up with the woman and the two Pokemon, though they kept a safe distance. Lee wasn’t too sure who this woman was, or if she could be trusted. The Meinfoo led them through the building and out the back, to Lee’s surprise. Waiting outside for them was a person—a male in a strange get-up. As soon as they entered, the stranger spoke gruffly to them:

“Hey, no one can just come in here, this is private property now. You need a password to get in.”

Yep, Lee thought to himself. This sounds like the right place. He brushed past the woman, not even caring if he was noticed by her now. Approaching the man first, he demanded, “Hey, are you that thing’s owner?” He indicated the Meinfoo. “If so, I want to know what’s up with these stupid directions. I mean, seriously: ‘Find what sticks out of the sky like an unusually shiny object?’ Why not just put up a sign that says, ‘Hey, Lee! This way! Meeting’s right here!’”

<Lee! Don’t be so rude!> Shadow sighed disapprovingly. Grunting to herself, she added, <You’re gonna get us all killed…>

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