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Default Re: [DS] A question of interest. (Viral Overgrowth Idea)

Originally Posted by Altrius View Post
I like everything about Sabi's RP except for one thing. The whole points value things. Just doesn't sit right with me because i feel it restricts how I want to Roleplay. I cant start off with the pokemone that I want etc. Thats just personal opinion by the way. But had it not been for that I would have signed up in a heartbeat.

And I only apologized to cover myself, just in case somebody was, or did get offended :)
You should have joined my rp anyway, you terrible person you.

Okay troll face aside here, I like to know why people don't or may not want to join my role plays. Journeymon is honestly an experiment I'm trying. I'm always thinking of new ideas for it as I do want it to fly. What you just told me gave me an idea for it, so I will PM you about it later tonight. Anyway, the points system was put in to try and make it more engaging and to help new role players learn how to add to, follow and participate in a story as best they can. Also to give it a more game like feel to it and try to have rpers on their toes, anticipation up ad such. The rest of it is mostly winging it. I'm completely open to negotiations for Journeymon, so if you PM me with what you had in mind, I think we can work something out.

I agree with everything Neo said. Nexen has been my longest running rp, it's been going on for over a year now. It's my original story and I love it to death. Replies in it are very slow, but thanks to the dedicated few, it's still alive and I can't thank them enough for it.
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