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Default Your Join Avenue!

Here's a place where you can chat about your Join Avenue! Update ranks of shops, ceiling colors, Avenue name, Gym Leaders, and more! As for me...

★Corey★'s New Bark

Name: Corey
Avenue Name: New Bark
Avenue Rank: 34
Recommended: 395
People Invited: 11
Popularity: People's Avenue
Title: ★Corey★
My phrase: "Heya!"
When impressed: "Oh my!"
Ceiling color: Star Orange


-Studio Janus
Rank: 10
Phrase: Pit pat.
Met on: 10/7/12

-Bistro Antonie
Rank: 10
Phrase: Hello!
Met on: 10/7/12

-Jane Museum
Rank: 10
Phrase: Hello!
Met on: 10/8/12

-Anelma Colosseum
Rank: 10
Phrase: Hello!
Met on: 10/8/12

-Shiny N Land
Rank: 10
Phrase: WOW!COOL
Met on: 11/19/12

-Happy ★ Corey
Rank: 10
Phrase: Yahoo. ♪
Met on: 10/8/12

-ドナルド (do-na-ru-do)'s Emporium
Rank: 10
Phrase: Oh dear!
Met on: 10/11/12

-Ainikki's Garden
Rank: 10
Phrase: Hello!
Met on: 10/13/12

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