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Default Re: King of the Hill

Gets up later, and retrieves another Mirror Mail from FFTA[where it happens to be only a relatively difficult item to acquire, but if you would prefer I could just use a bishop, or perhaps white mage, spell to conjure the same exact effect and I could equip a better chest piece] I equip maintenance as a support ability. Maintenance prevents the destruction, theft, or looting of equipped items. [You cannot destroy nor obtain my armor while it is equipped, I.E. you have to wait for me to remove my armor]
Looks at you annoyed as you are shocked how easily I could reacquire such an item... I Brutally beat you off the hill and continue your beating at the bottom. I return to the top and glare down at you.
My Hill.
"I was talking with a friend, and we ended up with Zeus being Mr. Clean and going around banishing dust with a single wipe"
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