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Default Re: King of the Hill

Considering all that is happened, including (briefly) losing my two most rarest weapons (the Oblivion Hammers, which individually are about as rare as a Flawless IV'd Chansey that's holding a Lucky Egg and is SHINY, to say nothing of the fact it is found only from the ridiculously rare random drop of a nigh-impossible to defeat boss, and only after a dementedly long and difficult dungeon, all completely alone) I come back up extremely pissed. Damian believes he's safe behind mirror mail from all of my magic. I literally destroy it in a hit with the blunt of a 1-handed War Axe (It being made of steel, making it Steel-Type attack and bypassing the Ghost part) with no enchantments and deal an OHKO, bypassing literally EVERYTHING in a go. HosPITol Nurses agree that is too dangerous of a wound, and get paranormal medics to care for Damian, but not before I promptly loot the Mirror Mail. That's not class exclusive, looting. Or forging.

*Stashes the Mirror Mail in an Ender Chest, which means that only he can access it, and he can do so from any other Ender Chest he finds, for future use*

...Yhea, that was terribly overkill on the detail. You should have seen some of Brendon_g's attempts. And as for Ender chests, that works the same way for anyone else-you can't access my stuff, I can't access your stuff that you put in there. Cool, right?

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