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Default Re: [DS] A question of interest. (Viral Overgrowth Idea)

Originally Posted by Neo Emolga View Post
Altrius, the RP worked well because people (self included) were PASSIONATE about the idea and I and NES2 presented it as a way for them to get excited in it and see the value in taking part in it. Fun, fresh, new, inventive, intriguing, and many other positive emotions went into this to create value for those taking part in it. I'll be honest, I see a lot of people using "no free time" as an excuse, but then they talk about the most recent video games they've been playing or whatever movie they last saw. Or they come here to post to chat about things. Isn't that means of spending free time? Of course.

It's okay to do that, but the truth is, you're just deciding to spend your time elsewhere and you just don't see the value in RPing right now. Maybe your last RP bombed, or got boring, or people just weren't receptive to it. As a result, your motivation to try again was shot down and maybe you felt it was a waste of time. As a result, your passion to get up and try to give it another go was thrown aside and you lost that feeling to get immersive, imaginative, and creative with an RP. There's nothing to be ashamed about if this happens, it just means you need to step back, rediscover what you like and enjoy about RPing again by checking out what's new and how people are enjoying it, and prepare to try again in the hopes you'll succeed and have a great and interesting storyline with plenty of involvement. You haven't totally failed until you've completely given up.

You have free time, no one wakes up and works themselves to death every waking hour regardless of job or school. Everyone would burnout if that's how we all lived our lives. At the moment, you just feel those video games, movies, and whatever else you spend that time on takes precedence over RPing. Believe it or not, downtime is everywhere. It's when you're in your bed trying to fall asleep, or drive to work or school, or wait for someone. That's golden opportunity time to let ideas and thoughts piece themselves together to get an intriguing idea going. Call it daydreaming if you'd like, but hey, that's how ideas came to me. I don't look at a blank Word document and sit there stumped. I attack it outright by preparing ideas ahead of time. Daydream a little, turn on some music to set the mood, and let your ideas flow. In terms of getting in RP posts, it really doesn't take too long if you imagine and think over what you plan on doing in that downtime. You just need to attack that blank Word document ahead of time.

To have a successful RP, you have to LOVE your own idea and make it show with how you present it and demonstrate its value to the community and your prospective RPers. Ideas need time, energy, and thought to incubate. It's an art in itself, and you can't rush that if you want it to be good. You also have to see what works from seeing what others do around you, take a risk, and if it fails, try again with a new approach. Even as an RP creator, you have to constantly reinvent yourself and be dynamic with the community's expectations. See where the bar is, and jump over it. Don't "settle" with something you "think" might be good. Keep working on it until you really, really feel it IS good and you're barely able to contain yourself wanting to try it out.

Well i'll be damned. Good to see you again Neo.

Erugh, everything you've said is right and I cant really make any points where I disagree. Particularly in the free-time regard as it -is- an excuse. You're right as well on the RP bombing part as a fair few of my RP's have crashed and burned, not gone to plan or simply lost interest. Perhaps it was because I lost interest myself, or perhaps its because people weren't interested in the way i presented said RP's. I'll never know. Maybe im not meant to know either.

But I -do- want to create an RP i have real passion for. Maybe I have to take a week away and think, plan, create, daydream and real focus on what I want it to do. Its a daunting prospect making something on such a large scale as the RP's you've made, but what you've said about grasping that idea is right and wanting to do it is even more important.
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