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Originally Posted by Etymology View Post
Official's Post:

Your Grass Type Pokemon sends a stormy blast at the bush, ruffling its contents. You hear slurred murmurs coming from the bush. You appear to have disturbed a nest - a wild Pokemon jumps out and attacks, sending a flurry of punches at your Hoppip!

A wild Spinda appeared!
~Using Dizzy Punch on Hoppip

Trainer: JC
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In Box

The Dizzy Punch knocked Hopip back, lucky for the light pokemon very force of the punch created a blast of air that sent Hopip flying before the Dizzy Punch could do any real damage.

JC pulled out the pokeball calling back Hopip.
"Ash, this ones yours."

Ashley jumped in, with her speed she took the first shot using her scratch attacks. Spinda swung around angry landing a dizzy punch on Chimchar. The little monkey jumped back confused. Sinda moved in stricking fast. The little bear slammed into Chimchar who was knocked back onto the ground.

JC yelled
"Ash, Focus !!"

Ashley pushed back up

Spinda moved in again taking a few shots. Chimchar took the first couple of hits holding out as she tried to focus. When the moment was right. The little monkey tail lit, soon Chimchar would shoot an ember slamming into Spinda. The bear dropped back and Chimchar moved in. Waiting for the right moment Chimchar used a focus punch knocking Spinda back.

JC took out a Heal Ball and threw it.

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