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Default Re: Are there too many Pokemon?

Well, it seems that when criticising the designs of Generation 5's diverse range of species, Trubbish and Vanillite are almost always the scapegoats that you feel sorry for. I thought Generation 5 got better for their more complex designs on their Pokemon overall, showing that there are still different ideas worth exploring.

Originally Posted by Frost Dragon View Post
I don't think the number is entirely the problem. The problem comes from the fact that after a while, the creators seem to run out of ideas for the pokemon, to the point that they just draw a face on an inanimate object. I'm noticing that far more recently.
Well, when looking at Generation 5's roster, I only see 7 Pokemon that fit the criteria of "inanimate object with faces" (Vanillite family, Trubbish family and Cryogonal and possibly Cofagrigus). You should keep in mind that this is not an entirely new thing, since Generation 1 already does have a number of this. On that roster, I see 11 of them (Koffing family, Grimer family, Magnemite & Magneton, Voltorb family, Ditto, Geodude and Graveler). Point is, drawing a face on an inanimate object is already an old idea, and probably is a largely unexplored field.

Consider that every Generation, there are different Pokemon designers. The only one to my knowledge that stayed is Ken Sugimori. How do they run out of ideas if they used fresh talent? Also, how can you tell what an "idea" is?

Thanks for reading.

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