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Originally Posted by Etymology View Post
Official's Post:

The strange emotion continues to occur. For a long while you travel, seeming not to come across anything of significance. The weather is fine and the atmosphere is somewhat humid. The route smells fresh and natural. Eventually, you come across a fork in the road.

Will you go left, or will you go right?
Trainer: JC
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JC scratches his head.
"So a fork in the road."

Ashley looks up at him.

"I think I have an Idea Ash."

"Char??" she looks up at him confused.

JC pulls out a Hop's pokeball, tossing it out. Hop floats around happily.
"Well I guess we are going to go where the wind takes us."

"Hop Hop!"
A nice breeze sweeps through carrying Hopip to the right.

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