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Originally Posted by Charmander009 View Post

Trainer: Zayna
Currently: Investigating bells

Whoa.... Didn't see that coming.

The sound terrified me, at first, but then I saw the effect it had on my Pokemon. I marveled at their behavior before realizing that my own heart was racing--not out of fear, but out of excitement. Something amazing had just happened, though I was clueless to what it was.

I glanced at the other two bells, wondering what would happen if I ran them as well. Was I allowed to? Though the one I rang had done something miraculous, I wondered what the other two would bring. Yet my curiosity burned brighter than my caution, and I approached the bell on my right.

Mentally crossing my fingers in my mind, I rang this one as well.
Official's Post:

You decided to ring the bell on the right.

This bell was much, much different to the one before. Upon ringing, it let out a soft, soothing melody that appeared to greatly calm the likes of Freya and Blaze - the excitement and emotion they exhibited prior to this bell faded, leaving you all in a meditative-like state. All appeared well and everything was calm. Not a soul stirred. After a few short moments, the bell mysteriously began to fade. The sight of this caused you and your companions to be taken aback. Suddenly, the ground begun to rumble. In the distance, emerging from the trees, you could see several creatures dashing towards you at high speeds. An assortment of wild Pokemon are coming straight at you!

As they get closer you can see the species of these creatures: two Pichu, two Ralts, a Munna and a Nincada.

These Pokemon appear to be very angry; they begin to attack you almost immediately! Both Pichu's electrical cheeks begin to crackle, eyes locked on your Freya. The Psychic type Pokemon begin to glow a strange blue colour - as this occurs, you notice your Charmeleon exhibiting a mutual glow. The Nincada begins to claw at the ground, digging a hole and forcing itself underneath the earth. What are they up to?

A wild Pichu, Pichu, Ralts, Ralts, Munna and Nincada appeared!
~Charging up Thunderbolts to fire at Freya
~Using Psychics on Blaze
~Using Psychic on Blaze
~Digging underground

"There's too many of them! It's impossible to aim your Poke Ball!"

One bell ominously remains.

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