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Originally Posted by dj-tiny View Post
Trainer: dj-tiny
Currently Route 7
Tiny enters the battle with Dwebble sending out Goldey.
Goldey jumps into the river give it an advantage in the fight.
Dwebble uses Rock Blast, to try and, hit Goldey it misses since Goldey, dives into the water and, jumps out and attacks Dwebble with Waterfall, Dwebble try to hit Goldey with a X-Scissor but, was too late as Goldey was back into the water, Then Goldey launched another waterfall attack at Dwebble hititing it which caused it to be stuned.
Tiny throws a Netball at Dwebble.

Will Tiny catch Dwebble?
Will Goldey swim away?
Will Tiny go fishing?
Stay tuned.
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The Net Ball wiggles back and forth...



Dwebble was caught!
Evolves @ 2456

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