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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

(AGAIN, please ignore the sound of writings, for they are a frivolous knowledge to you and Dredd, and really more important to me. Just justify it as Dredd not hearing it if it's that much of a deal, and really, it shouldn't be.)

...Neither. You're just THAT big of an a**hole, that's what makes me angry at you...A**holes the world over, criminal scum like yourself, never getting past that point that eventually you'll get bored of it, no matter how much you'll get...You know something Max? You were always an a**hole, even before all this. Really, you were! You were never decent! Never really smart either, just leaving us in the dark, just telling us it was a panic-worthy situation, rushing ahead...Never the leader you thought you were, in my opinion. Smart, but simultaniously blind. Well, you should know, but did you really, Max? Did you know that you weren't really always indecent, that the indecency is not new at all, that I am basically speaking to the one you associate as Max to you, Max? You might think I'm indecent, but you know what, I admit my indecency at least and I attempt to supress it! You know that! You were the other way 'round, 'mate!' Really, the only thing that's changed about you, Max, is that you're no longer any bit willing to disguise the bit about yourself, and believe me, you think you're different from what you were, you think you're something different entierly, but there's almost no change. You're really just Max without that worry, Max with all the power and the will to do whatever he wants with it...Sometimes I wonder if You were suppressing an evil force or literally supressing an aspect of your mind that was suddenly in a position to achieve exactly what it wanted, it's so alike! So possible! Either could work, in theory, you know, Max. You know that either could be. You just won't admit it, deep down.

Regardless, I look upon you and see little, if any changes, from what Max was. Max, you never changed, you're almost exactly the same, almost exactly the same...But either way, I can look upon you and pity, pity, pity, the idiotic friend-turned-enemy of mine who's only desires are so primal that, despite being actually valuable to other people, it is truly worthless to you, and the only thing is, you just don't see that bit at all...You couldn't grasp the reasons why, much less the fact of the matter...

And really, I've seen and heard of far worse than you, in every possible aspect. Possibly the last advice you'll ever hear out of me to you, Max: Don't even THINK like you're the Biggest Bad on the block, nor the most capable. You know how these scenarios go, something pulls the strings, something always does, even if you're completely unaware, even if you believe with all of your heart that you're manipulating Giovanni or Giovanni is your best buddy and treats you nice, whatever it is that's going on now...whatever it is, someone is pulling the strings from a shadowy corner you don't notice, it's as likely as anything else. Not to mention, there are just so many logical canidates for such a position! So many people that could, despite your powers, manipulate you and pull your strings without you even realize it at all! So many people can manipulate and twist your will to what seems to be beneficial to you, and what may honestly be beneficial to you, but benefits someone else more...It amazes me.

You are JUST as narcisstic as you always were, Max, and I doubt that'll ever chagnge. No matter how strong, you're a narcissist, Max. You always were, Max. You were. And you are still, Max. And before you think I was just refrencing a person that couldn't know all of this, well, even across times you were a narcissist, Max, and you still are...

You wanted me to answer, I guess. You asked for it. You recieved. Of course you already knew, didn't you Max?

*Again, swears he hears the faintest of sounds, of pencil on paper, writing away...*
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