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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Blue Version

(Does it also have to be first set at a Pokemon Center? I also guess that my Sandslash is now beyond my control for now.)
Charlie is less overloaded.
Charlie: "Let's see... a Zubat, Eltry, a Paras,Pince, a Caterpie, and a Mankey, Togue. It also looks like the caterpie did something astounding and is now a Butterfree, soooo I think I will call him Viceroy."
Hyperio examined his new found rivals.
Sear examined her friend's new form.
Sear: (to Dusty) "You got... bigger!"
Dusty: (to Sear) "Or you got smaller...?"
Sear: (to Dusty) "I didn't change... You did?"
Dusty examined herself.
Dusty: (to Sear) "Wow, you're right... I am... bigger!"
Eltry: (in Pokemon) "Well this is interesting..."
The Zubat hovered in place.
Hyperio: (in Pokemon) "Great a cave troll..."
Pince: (to Hyperio) "Well that isn't nice..."
The Paras shook her head at the rather rude Pidgey.
Viceroy: (to Hyperio) "Hey look a little birdy!"
Hyperio glared at the Butterfree.
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