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Originally Posted by dj-tiny View Post
Trainer: dj-tiny
Entering Route 7 from Route 5.
Tiny Enters Route 7 with Wolfe beside him.
Wolfe Jumps down to the side of the path and, howls for tiny to come here.
Tiny climbs down to where Wolfe is and sees the TM Rocktomb. Tiny then picks it up and sticks it inside his bag.
Ring! Ring! Ring!
Tiny notices his Pokegear Ringing
Tiny Answers his Pokegear.
"Hello, who's this? Oh it's you, what is it that you want? Okay i have added to the list or, do you want it to be done before the other stuff? Okay added it on. 1. Had no choice since it would affect the list. Okay I try to avoid it."
Tiny puts his Pokegear away in to his bag.
Well Wolfe, well stop by the river in a few hours and, we take a rest there.

Will Tiny tell his pokemon about the phone call?
What is the List?
Will Wolfe get his pokeball fixed?
Will seedot get a bigger role?
Will Eveevee return?
Stay tuned next time.
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While you rest by the river you hear the strange sound of something moving around near the edge of the water. You open your eyes and look around. You dont see anything at first so you lay back down. Soon after you hear the noise again this time you jump up and check it out. Near the beach you can see something moving around as you get closer you notice something is kicking up the sand.

A wild Dwebble appears do you catch it ?

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