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RPM: Aspertia City, Unova

The Skarmory in the sky peered down, seeing a pair of particulars down below. With a flap of his wings, he took his laps a bit quicker, noting the meandering Ursaring down below was somewhat of an obstacle they would want to avoid. Sleek and swiftly, the armored bird Pokémon circled over the gym a few times, within the view of Lee, and then took off like a bullet, leaving nothing but another bright flash behind him. He went to resume his course in the sky, waiting for the others who had yet to appear. Hopefully they would not take too long as time was of the essence.

[Lee Thatcher gets 1 point.]

The roars of the Ursaring alerted the owner of a pair of small ears. Moving very quickly, a tan and burgundy feline darted between alleyways and over walls towards the gym. To anyone in the Unova region, they would immediately familiarize the creature, to the name of Mienfoo. She knew the bear with an unmanageable temper had been causing some problems to people around town, but he hadn’t actually gone in town quite yet. There was also the fact that she had wandered off her usual route, and was due back at the gym.

Once the small Pokémon arrived, she saw a young woman, and a healthy looking Umbreon waiting near the abandoned building. She hopped and flipped onto the steps ahead of the pair, between the door and Helena. She looked at them awhile, showing she was no hostile and hoping they would understand that note each one of these trainers had received. She took her paw, and pointed at the door, using her other one to motion the way to follow her. The Mienfoo then walked slowly, pushing past the front doors and skipping the building all together. Once they were back outside, the tattered field of the once, popular Gym was before them; pale dusty ground with only ghosts of lines remaining, adamant on clinging to the well-used battle fields of the past.

Across the field, there was someone standing there with their back turned; a khaki vest was worn over a dull blue t-shirt, paired with green cargo pants that had almost as many pockets as the vest did. On one hand was a mechanic’s glove, and the other, was a typical brand of popular fingerless, trainer’s gloves. He turned around, hearing footsteps from across the way and revealing blue eyes and dark brown hair, in boy cut fashion and only long enough to cover his ears.

“Hey, no one can just come in here, this is private property now. You need a password to get in.” He shouted in a rather demeaning manner.

[Helena Raiken gets 2 points. You recieved a bonus point for the Ursaring bit.]

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