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Originally Posted by Zetsu View Post
Name: Zetsu
Currently: Growing weary.

Zetsu had pondered, wether he should just come back later, but then he realized he didn't really want to back-track unless absolutely neccessary. He decided to give it one more night, and if no results, then he would move on.

Zetsu felt a jolt of electricity run across his arms, and as he awoke, he saw 3 Pichu's looking at me as if he was impeding the Pichu's path, and that's when he got up and looked at the rotting tree. There was a small hole, which happened to be their homes...

Zetsu got up, and smiled, moving aside so that the Pichu's could enter their homes. The Pichu's all walked into their hole happily, Then Zetsu laid back down, this time on the opposite side of the tree, exhausted and with aching legs, slowly drifting to sleep...
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While you sleep something strange happens and you are woken up in a middle of the night. You wonder out half find yourself in a strange field lost.

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