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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Blue Version

(OOC: I think I will Make Sear a Companion. Are those interchangeable at times or are they set in stone)
Charlie: "Thanks Bill!"
Charlie takes amount to examine each Pokemon and name them.

Pokemon Evolving: Caterpie
Pokemon Evolving to: Metapod
Point requirement: 7
Points on hand: 91 (92 including this)
Points After: 85

Pokemon Evolving: Metapod
Pokemon Evolving to: Butterfree
Point Requirement 10
Points on hand: 85
Points after: 75

Pokemon Evolving: Sandshrew
Pokemon Evolving to: Sandslash
Point Requirement: 22
Points on hand: 75
Points after: 53
Link to stats: Click GCEA Charlie in muh sig

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