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Default Re: Pokemon: Aberon's Reign

Suggestion: You may want to add more backstory.
It is a bit vague and too brief.

Goddmodding is where you make your character overpowered.
This can also include making your character appear to teleport from one place to another[you are supposed to include traveling and show that it takes time].

Bunnying is where you take control of an opponent.
Suggestion: It is not a bad idea to allow people to give someone bunnying rights in case they have to be gone for a period of time.

I do like the fakemon idea. I haven't seen that option yet. Of course I haven't been here for very long.
You may also want to be the first one to post a character and give others an example of how to model their characters.
You may also consider having more information included in the form such as age, gender, personality, appearance, etc.

I believe this roleplay does show some promise, but you need to seriously enlarge the back story.
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