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I had to cut the chapter in half because it was too long >_< Sorry that it ends suddenly in the scene =/

Chapter Two

The next morning came as Rosina sat at the kitchen table with her parents, a plate of scrambled eggs, toast and six pieces of bacon sitting in front of her. A glass of orange juice was a few inches away from the plate, along with a white baby monitor since Allison was still sleeping in her crib. Rosina looked over to the clock which read a little bit past eight in the morning, the brunette letting out a yawn as circles could be seen underneath her eyes.

"You look like crap today." Her father Bill pointed out, bringing Rosina to look over to him.

"Thanks dad. That really brightened up my morning." Rosina responded sarcastically, though she chuckled.

"What time did you go to bed last night?" Her mother Hanna asked in concern.

"Not until around three in the morning, and then Ally woke up twice crying. She never wakes up during the night unless she's sick. I took her temperature but she was fine." Rosina responded as she took a bite from her piece of toast.

"Well it is a new house, and she knows that too. It will probably just take her a few days to adjust." Hanna pointed out as Rosina nodded in agreement.

"Why did you stay up that late though?" Bill asked.

"I was typing more in the novel." Rosina said. She was already writing a horror novel about Werewolves so when she was completely finished with school she would have something to publish right away, hoping her career would take off from there.

"Just try to fit in some more sleep, okay?" Hanna pleaded, bringing Rosina to nod in agreement as she continued to eat her breakfast. Today Rosina was going to drive around town applying for jobs, as well as getting her license plates and driver's license changed to the state of Delaware, and then finally go to the library after dinner to apply for a library card. Both her parents had to work at the hospital once again, so Rosina's uncle who happened to live next door would watch Allison for the day.

Bill's older brother was the one to inform the family about the house next to him being for sale, Rosina's uncle living at home now after saving up hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years for an early retirement. Now he lived in a good sized home with his wife, their two children off to college on the other side of the country.

"I'm glad that uncle Hank offered to watch Ally today. I didn't want to drag her around in this heat." Rosina said as she looked at the touch-screen thermostat which connected to the Central Air Conditioning system, the temperature outside already reading 85 degrees. Just the thought of how high the temperature was going to reach that day made Rosina's blood boil, the young woman sighing as she turned her head back towards her breakfast and began to eat again, finishing her breakfast a few minutes later.

Hanna was about to speak until a noise from the baby monitor could be heard, the three remaining silent for a few moments as they listened to the noise coming out from it. It sounded as though Allison were rolling around in her crib, the sound quieting for a few moments as Rosina looked back to her parents.

"Maybe she's still sleeping." Rosina said.

"Mommy!" Allison's voice was suddenly heard from the monitor then, bringing Bill to chuckle.

"Or maybe not." Bill said, Rosina smiling as she stood up and walked up to her room. When she reached the top of the stairs she saw Allison standing up in the crib and looking towards the door, her hair messy from the night before.

"Hello." Rosina laughed as she placed a clean towel on her own bed and then picked up her daughter, placing her down on the towel and changing her diaper. Once Rosina was finished she looked down at her daughter in concern, putting the dirtied diaper in a plastic bag which she grabbed from underneath her sink.

"What's wrong?" The three year old asked, having started talking at an early age.

"Why did you wake up those two times during the night? Normally you sleep throughout the whole night unless you're sick. Did something scare you?" Rosina asked, her mind traveling back to the mysterious man from the night before.

"I think it was nightmares." Allison responded, bringing a small smile to cross over Rosina's lips.

"You have nothing to worry about, okay? I know we're living in a new house, but things are going to get only better from here." Allison nodded at her mother's words, Rosina picking up her daughter and grabbed the plastic bag with the sealed dirtied diaper in the other hand. "You get to spend the whole day with uncle Hank and aunt Sally."

"Yay!" Allison laughed with excitement as Rosina walked back down to the kitchen, gently placing Allison on the ground where she ran right to Hanna and Bill.

"Could you guys just watch her and feed her for a few minutes? I'm going to take a quick shower." Rosina asked, receiving nods from her parents as she went back upstairs. Rosina crossed the large room and stood in front of a dresser, taking out a pair of short denim shorts, baby pink undergarments and a matching baby pink tank top. The brunette then stepped into the bathroom and started the hot water, brushing out her hair and then stepping into the shower once she stripped of her clothes.

As she dipped her hair underneath the steamy water her mind couldn't help but travel back to the night before, the man who was watching her from the street sending shivers down Rosina's spine. It frustrated her that when she saw him it was dark outside, the brunette not being able to get a good look at his face. If Rosina were to pass him in the street or be in the same room as him she wouldn't be able to recognize the man, which scared Rosina as well. She had to keep telling herself that she wouldn't see him again, that he was probably just walking the darkened street and just happened to look up towards her as she turned her head towards him, the young mother hoping that was just the case.

"Get it together, Rose..." Rosina whispered to herself, squeezing some shampoo into her hand and began to massage it into her hair. Some of the soap suds lightly traveled along her smooth back and over a tattoo that was located on her right shoulder-blade. The tattoo was a baby's footprint the size of a fist, Allison's name beautifully scripted in black underneath. Rosina had another tattoo on the top of her left foot which was a pink Bougainvillea flower, the tattoo taking up almost her entire foot. Her last tattoo was on her right wrist which was a zodiac symbol of her Aquarius sign, that being the first tattoo Rosina had ever gotten.

After washing the shampoo out of her hair and the conditioner Rosina washed the rest of her body and got out of the shower, wrapping her wet hair in a towel and dried herself off before getting dressed. Her hair was still wrapped up in the towel as she took some honey scented lotion and rubbed it into her smooth, waxed legs. She preferred to wax her legs twice a month so she wouldn't have to shave them everyday, and even though it was painful, Rosina thought the outcome was worth it.

"Just gotta dry my hair, wait for uncle Hank to get here for Ally and then I can leave." Rosina said to herself as to unwrapped her hair from the towel and plugged in her hairdryer. Fifteen minutes later her hair was dried and straightened into beautiful layers, natural reddish highlights glowing once the sun beamed down on her hair. Rosina placed on a pair of black ankle socks and black Converse brand high-top sneakers which were a little worn out from the months she has had them, walking back downstairs as the pink tank top showed off her entire tattoo on her shoulder-blade.

"Are you sure that outfit is appropriate?" Bill asked as Hanna was shredding a piece of toast for Allison, who was happily in her high-chair.

"I'm only filling out applications, not going on interviews." Rosina said with a small chuckle.

"True." Hank responded, opening the basement door when the sound of claws scratching up against the wood could be heard. Hermione came running out with her pregnant stomach slightly swaying back and forth, the orange cat walking into the living room where a patch was sunlight was beaming down from the window onto the floor. Hermione stretched her paws and laid down in the sun, curling up into a ball and shutting her eyes.

"I wonder when she'll give birth to the kittens." Rosina questioned as she sat down at the kitchen table.

"Very soon. We have that large box ready for when the kittens come." Hanna responded, a knock being heard from the front door. Rosina stood up and walked over to it, opening the door where a bald man standing at 6'7 stood, his warm brown eyes looking down at Rosina as he smiled.

"You've grown up so much." The man said as he wrapped Rosina in a bear hug, to which Rosina instantly laughed.

"Hey uncle hank." Rosina giggled.

Hours had gone by rather quickly that day as the heat continued to rise, Rosina driving all over Wilmington and even a few towns outside of it to fill out job applications. She knew that the sooner she got a job the better, hoping that she would get calls from her cell phone within the next few days to schedule interviews. Rosina decided to pull into a restaurant only a few blocks away from her house and walked inside, letting her uncle and aunt have Allison a little longer since they haven't seen her in a few months.

When Rosina walked into the restaurant, which was called Cosmos Diner, the first thing she noticed was that she walked into a small lobby, which had a few prize machines. On the other end of the lobby was a door which led to the actual inside of the diner, Rosina walking over and pulling the door open as the cool air from the air conditioner greeted her. She stepped inside and instantly saw a long white counter top which had stools bolted to the floor, coffee pots and endless pastries being seen from behind the counter. On the right side there were two long rows of booths with black leather and mahogany table tops, and then the left side there were even more booths. The walls and ceiling were pained a snowy white with horizontal dark blue lines, the floor being tiled white.

"Welcome to Cosmos. Would you like a booth?" A girl who worked at the restaurant asked with a smile, her long hair being tied back in a black ponytail with a pink streak going through.

"I'm actually going to sit down at the counter." Rosina responded with a smile of her own, a lot of the booths being filled while there were only three other people sitting at the counter.

"Okay. Jesse will be taking care of you then." The girl responded, Rosina nodded as she walked over to the counter and sat down on the stool. She let out a sigh and closed her eyes, rubbing both sides of her temples as she was tired from the long day. It was only a little bit after three o'clock that afternoon, but having to drive around in the heat with the air conditioner broken in her car made the day seem so much longer than it actually was.

"Well you're a new face." A voice said from behind the counter, Rosina opening her eyes where she saw a young man standing in front of her on the other side of the counter. He had light brown hair and turquoise colored eyes, the color of his eyes popping out against his natural tanned skin. He stood around six foot and looked as though he worked out in the gym, though he didn't look as though he were on steroids at all. He gave Rosina a smile, which revealed perfect straight, white teeth.

"My name is Rosina. I just moved here yesterday." Rosina responded with a smile of her own, the first thing Rosina noticing was that this boy didn't seem that much older than her, and that he was very attractive.

"I'm Jesse. I figured that you were new since this is the first time I've seen you." Jesse responded. "Pretty much all the same faces come in here."

"Must be for the greatest homemade apple pie." Rosina joked as she pointed to a sign behind Jesse, which was a large poster of a apple pie with a sentence above the piece of pie saying 'Best Homemade Apple Pie In Wilmington!' Jesse chuckled, taking out a small notepad and a pen.

"Can I get you anything? Coffee? A piece of apple pie?" Jesse asked with a small laugh, bringing Rosina to playfully smirk.

"Coffee and a piece of apple pie sounds good." Rosina responded, looking over to the endless row of different kinds of cookies. "Can I have a chocolate chip cookie to go as well? My daughter would love that."

"You have a daughter?" Jesse asked as he pulled out a white coffee mug from underneath the counter and filled it with coffee.

"Yeah, her name is Allison and she's three years old." Rosina stated, the smell of freshly made coffee filling her nose.

"How old are you? Seventeen? Eighteen?" Jesse asked as he slid the coffee towards Rosina and began to get a plate for the piece of apple pie.

"Nineteen. I'll be twenty in a few months."

"Damn, you look pretty young." Jesse chuckled.

"Well how old are you?" Rosina challenged, her playful smile never leaving her face.

"Twenty-two. I actually have a daughter myself who just turned four a couple months ago." Jesse responded, placing the piece of apple pie in front of Rosina.

"You have a daughter too?" Rosina seemed surprised, though her smile never left her face as she picked up her fork and took a bite from the apple pie; it truly was the best apple pie she had ever tasted.

"Yeah. She can be a real handful." Jesse chuckled as he held up a can of whipped cream and waved it slightly, Rosina nodding as Jesse neatly sprayed whipped cream on the pie.

"So can Ally." Rosina laughed, pushing her hand into her pocket and pulled out a resent picture of Allison. She showed Jesse the picture which brought him to instantly smile.

"Here's Rebecca." Jesse pulled out his wallet and revealed a resent picture of his own daughter, a toddler with orange colored hair, a few freckles on her nose and forest green colored eyes could be seen in the picture, her hair pulled back into a ponytail by a red ribbon.

"She's adorable."

"Thanks. So is Allison. Rebecca gets her looks from her mother." Jesse responded, putting the picture back into his wallet.

"She must be really beautiful." Rosina responded as she took another bite from the piece of pie.

"Coral was." Jesse nodded in agreement, Rosina looking up at Jesse after placing her own photo back into her pocket, though his gaze was towards the window. Rosina looked in the direction he was facing and instantly saw the graveyard on the other side of the parking lot, her face washing away its tanned color as she looked back over to Jesse.

"I-I'm so sorry." Rosina said, the smile completely vanishing from her face by now as Jesse looked back over to her. "I know how you feel."

"Thanks." Jesse responded, the smile vanishing from his face as well as Rosina saw the doubt in his features.

"I meant it... I really do know how you feel." Rosina said softly, the doubt on Jesse's face turning to one of wonder. "I've had nine people who I really cared about die in my life within the last seven years, one of them being my older brother Kevin who just recently died four months ago. That's one of the main reasons why my family and I moved from New Jersey to here... we all needed a new start." Rosina paused for a few moments, looking down at her coffee. "When you're going through something, and someone tries to tell you that they know how you feel, they're just trying to lighten the mood. They honestly have no idea how you feel..." Rosina looked back up at Jesse, locking her eyes with his. "But honestly, I know how you feel."

"I'm sorry about everyone that you've lost." Jesse responded, Rosina giving him a small nod.

"I know it's not my place to ask, given that we've just met each other, but... how did Coral die?" Rosina asked, Jesse letting out a small sigh as he looked down. "I completely understand if you don't want to talk about it." Rosina added quickly, Jesse placing a small smile on his face from Rosina's sudden worry.

"It's fine." Jesse looked back up to the brunette across from him, the smile leaving his face. "She died last month right here in Wilmington, well in the city actually. She was a student at the dance studio and was walking home one night to her apartment which was only a few blocks away from the school. I reported her missing the next morning when she never came to pick up Rebecca, and then a few days later they found her body in the woods just outside the city. The police think it was an animal attack by the way her body was torn up, but something just doesn't seem right. Even though Coral and I weren't together and I had no desire to get back with her after she cheated on me a few weeks after our daughter was born... it still hurts that Rebecca will have to grow up without a mother."

"Again, I'm so sorry... you don't think it was an animal though?" Rosina asked in confusion.

"I don't know. There aren't any wolves or bears around here." Jesse responded.

"Maybe it was a rabid dog?" Rosina suggested, though Jesse shook his head.

"I don't think so, but whatever it was, it's still out there. I keep an annoyingly close eye on Rebecca now. Even though my parents watch her during the day while I work two jobs I still get really nervous now when she isn't with me."

"Well that makes perfect sense that you would feel that way." Rosina pointed out as Jesse nodded, watching as Rosina took a sip of the blackened coffee.

"Don't you want some cream or sugar in that?" Jesse laughed, lightening up the mood.

"I like it this way." Rosina laughed. Rosina and Jesse talked for about twenty minutes, Jesse serving other customer while still maintaining to keep his focus on Rosina.

"So you're attending school in the city for writing in two weeks?" Jesse asked as he took Rosina's emptied plate and put it into the sink.

"Yeah. I've been driving all over Wilmington with my GPS to go job hunting. I really hope I get callbacks soon." Rosina responded.

"Well we're actually hiring for a waitress position. I could get you an application if you're interested." Jesse offered, Rosina's face beaming. "You'll get overflowed with tips."

"That would be awesome if I worked here. I wouldn't even have to travel far either if I got a job here." Rosina responded.

"I'll get you an application from the office then." Jesse walked away from behind the counter and into a room on the other side of the restaurant, returning a few moments later with a white piece of paper in hand. He handed it to Rosina and got back behind the counter, handing her a black pen as well as she began to fill it out.

"Thank you Jesse." Rosina said after a few minutes of writing, handing him both the application and pen.

"No problem." Jesse responded with a smile.
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