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Official's Post:

Suddenly, your PokeGear begins to bleep. You open it to find an ominous message has been left.

"Your disregard for the lives of other people and Pokemon have struck the wonders of Celestia as irresponsible and criminal. Let it be known that as a region we will not stand for such injustice. This will be your final warning and a reminder of what's to come should you choose to disobey.

That is all."

You stow your PokeGear in your pocket, wondering what on earth that was about. Suddenly, the skies turn dark and thundery and the rain begins to pour down on you. You hear the sound of thunder in the distance. Brother lightning would soon follow.

An electrical crack charged down from the sky and zapped one of your Poke Balls. Surprisingly, you were left unhurt. But what about your squad?

You tried your Poochyena's Poke Ball. Unusable. Completely unusable.

Poochyena cannot be sent out of its Poke Ball, in-journey or in-battle (on-line or otherwise) until you reach a town or city and get the Poke Ball fixed.

The weather clears as swiftly as it came.
Trainer: dj-tiny
Leaving Route 5 for Route 7
Tiny looks at the pokeball and, goes to Wolfe and says to him
"You're locked out off your pokeball. I will get it fixed onces we get to the nexy city."
Tiny then returns all his other pokemon and then walks with Wolfe to the exit of Route 5 and the entrences to Route 7
Well lets go.

Will Tiny care about the phone call?
Will Wolfe get his pokeball fixed?
Will seedot get a bigger role?
Will Eveevee return?
Stay tuned next time.
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