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Originally Posted by Latio-Nytro View Post
(Hopefully, I did this right.)

Logan Falchino
Kunai the Shellder, KatAna the Phanpy, Divebomb the Sunkern
Logan Vs. Glomm

Punk. Plunk. Punk. Plunk. Punk. Plunk. Punk. Plunk. Every tree nearest to him, Divebomb, doing what he was kindly asked of, shot a Leech Seed at it, creating a noticable vine structure after a few seconds, each determined to suck the life of out a sentient creature which did not exist where it currently was, each vibrant and green. Logan felt the cold chills of Winter. December was upon him.

December reminded him of Christmas, and Christmas reminded him of Unc. Unc was a particuarily wealthy man, and he was usually a generous one during Christmas: Logan was NOT expecting to be owning the majority of the big video game names of last year, but he did that Christmas. He wondered what was in store for him THIS time.


Oh my. That sounded close.

Logan looked ahead. There were two shadowy figures up ahead, one human, one Pokemon Logan couldn't identify from this distance. The forest canopy was particuarily dark where those two were. Nevertheless, Logan ran to them, nearly tripping on a root on the way but recovering from it quickly.

Now that he was closer, he could now clearly see who was who: The human, now currently backed against a wall, was about the age of 10 (he went on his journey as soon as possible, it seemed), while the Pokemon was a Vileplume. Possibly Glomm. It did NOT look any way happy at it's Trainer, but at least it wasn't anything like the outraged, biologically-impossible, mouth-foaming Oddish.

Hopefully it wasn't, anyways. It would be far-fetched to say that a Trainer took the Oddish, passed him on Route 1, evolved the Oddish into a Gloom, then found a Leaf Stone or two and evolved it into a Vileplume, in which case, it would be that Oddish.

Either way, Logan had to take it down, miserably, with two Pokemon that were weak to Grass-Type attacks.

"Kunai! KatAna! Quick!" Logan shouted, hoping to make the Fully-Evolved Pokemon look at it, distract it. It still seemed interested in the rather young boy.

"Kunai, Supersonic! KatAna, Ice Shard! Divebomb, Endeavor!" Logan commanded. He never really WAS in a Double Battle before, but hopefully this wouldn't kill him and his Pokemon. Endeavor would match the Glomm's life force to Divebomb's, something Logan was sure Divebomb didn't have in as much excess as Glomm's, even when completely healthy. Icy Shard was obvious-a fast, Supereffective attack that would focus the attention of Glomm towards Logan, and away from Glomm's unfortunate victim.. Supersonic was the only way Logan could think of to prevent the beatdown that would occur if the Vileplume were to attack with something like Energy Ball or Giga Drain-confusion.

Logan honestly hoped it would work.
Official's Post:

The Vileplume, still somewhat occupied with the boy, definitely heard your battle cries. Regardless, its attention remained focused on the young trainer, staring it down angrily and without movement. Who knows what caused the thing to become so violent?

When it felt the first attack, the Ice Shard, hit its flowery exterior, it turned around and sighed. It's not like this thing had to battle everyday or something. No. The thing seemed evidently tired of fighting. It responded little to the super-effective attack, its power levels apparently being miles above that of your little bivalve. With a sigh and a dismissive wave of its head, spores enshrouded and covered your entire team. Each one of your party members was flopped to the floor in a distant snooze. Sleep Powder was a marvellous attack, that was for sure.

Surprisingly, the large flower-like Pokemon did not turn back to the boy. Instead, it stared at you intently. "Plume plume!" it cried to you, walking over. The boy's face turned from angst to relief as it waddled on over to you. The Vileplume looked as thought it could feel the presence of something on your person. It poked you mischievously, attracting your attention to the boy over yonder. You raise your head to look at the young man. He just shrugged.

"I don't know what's going on. Ever since I evolved it the damn thing started playing up. My father told me his Pokemon were strong and amazing, but the only trait this one has shown is utter disregard."

The Vileplume puffed its cheeks at this comment. "Plume plume!" it cried at you, tugging at your backpack. You obviously had something it desperately needed.

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