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Default Re: What Are Non-Redistributable Pokemon?

i never heard the term before, but could it mean it is a trial trade? i remember then i traded pokemon with some friends as a kid, we had `king tradesī and `queen tradesī, a king trade was a non regrettable trade, you cant force the other person to trade it back to you, but a queen trade was a sort of trial, you could trade back whenever you want to, and they often had a time limit, for example, if you queentraded a pokemon, you had one week to regret, if you should happen to regret after the time limit has expired, you have no authority to get it back, it is now officially your pokemon and it is up to the other person if he/she wishes to trade it back to you. could an non-reddistributalbe pokemon be a pokemon you cant forward to others in case your trade partner should happen to regret?
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