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Official's Post:


~Using Fake Out


~Using Brave Bird

Craig's Tyrogue immediately springs forward to attack your Pidgeotto. It stretches its arms out wide and claps them both together outside of the bird-like Pokemon's face. The Pidgeotto, stunned and confused, squawks before returning to its ball. The Tyrogue, successful in the battle, steps back to its trainer with pride. It pulls out a trophy from Craig's bag and waves it in the air at you, taunting your defeat.

"Cockiness does you no good my friend!" he laughs at you, walking up to you and pinching 10 stars from you. "Thanks for the battle...and the money!"

He walks away from your camp as requested. The Tyrogue sticks a flat tongue out at you before following his master.
Trainer: dj-tiny
Route 5
Tiny tell Spookey to use Shadow Ball at Craig and Goldey to use waterfall on Tyrogue
Then he lets Pigd out to use whirlwind on them both which sends them flying of a cliff and Craig dies from the fall

Tiny then walks away from the seen of the battle and heads to a new area to let his pokemon play

Stay tuned
Does Craig survive (No he doesn't)
Will Eveevee Return
Will Wolfe go on a muderin spree
Will Seedot ever get a bigger part
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