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Default Re: Route 3

Name: Zetsu
Currently: Heading to Route 4.

It's now the next morning, and Zetsu woke up extra early, giving it one final try to find the pokemon he wants. Searhing high and low, looking through bushes and in hidden logs, in orser to find this pokemoin.

Zetsu, who had been searching for days on end for this pokemon, had grown to have an admiration for this elusive pokemon, Only appearing to the true hearted, this pokemon was a true testament to a trainers worth.

He already had 1 of the kind, and evolved it to his liking, but he wanted the other evolution, being on of his all time favorite pokemon, this was one pokemon he NEEDED by his side by the end of his journey.

Zetsu proclaimed that he would not stop today, untill either the day ended, or he found the pokemon he was after all this time...
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