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Daniel Redrock
Deviant Graphix
Grant's Pass.
ARPers: narphoenix (Doc), Sabi (Amiel), Winter_Cherry (Al, Shiba, and Argeno)

Daniel turned to his new acquaintance. "How does he know all these names?" the Grafix hissed. "What's going -"

He stopped as Shiba slammed the doctor against a wall, demanding to know where the latter had gotten those names. Daniel took a step back, not wanting to get involved in the fighting. Simon merely rolled his eyes and pulled his tatty red hoodie closer to his bony frame. "That man is a moron," he muttered low enough for only Daniel to hear. "And that chick's going to gouge his flipping eyes out if he doesn't watch himself."

"Oy, quiet down," the mechanic groused, looking critically at Argeno's car. "This is that garage if y’all talked to Gesser. Eh, yeah I think I got somethin’ that don’t stick out too much. That set of wheels you got has been through tons of rough roads. Might be able to fix ‘er up too. I’ll take a look, see what I got." He proceeded to glare at the lab-coated man. "You," he growled. "Enough with the quotes. I already don't like you."

The good (-at-annoying-everyone) doctor was talking again: "I’ve always wondered about the differentiation between Sona and person, in fact," he said, "what are we if not our thought, and what are our Sonas if not their epitome?”

Daniel looked at Doc curiously; the words made him wonder about his predicament with Cyrus. The epitome of our thoughts... Surely that wasn't right. Surely Sonas were their own, unique beings? If that wasn't true, Daniel was likely insane - unable to communicate with his own thoughts! He sighed, wishing for the thousandth time that he could just have a normal conversation with his Sona like everyone else.

'Normal'. The irony of that word put a faint smile on his face.

Theresa Maverick
WAE Tuner
Ambiguous WAE Base.
ARPers: narphoenix (Michael)

Teri glared at the boy as she watched him rise. Calm, she thought. If he decided to sing again, she was going to beat him within an inch of his barely-lived life, that was certain; but she wasn't going to use that tactic otherwise unless it became necessary. So she merely listened, doing her best to hear the words but let the tones bounce off her, as the boy spoke.

She was silent for a long time as she chewed the words over in her head, not replying immediately. Given her partnership with the ever manipulative, domineering Domini, Teri had learned much better than most how to deal with a Tungz and was now putting this knowledge to use. Forget the tone; analyze the words under a lens of facts. If you believe what he says, you're going to lose.

With a deep breath, Teri began, "First of all, you seem to be suffering from the delusion that I am afraid of you, which - surprise, surprise - I am not. Now, if I'm speaking honestly, I will admit that you have been a thorn in our side for a long time. But I do find it quite ironic that you call me arrogant. I think you’ve badly exaggerated your own importance. You are one child and the WAE fill the world. We are a force that you, for all of your gilt-tongued eloquence, cannot stop, and you’re a fool for thinking otherwise. And as for your talk of ‘redemption’, do you genuinely think that I care to be ‘redeemed’? Perhaps the WAE aren’t human. To err is to be human, and since that is the case I would prefer to be evolved beyond that meager standard and be something else, something more, instead."

Simon Pruitt
Deviant Enginez
Grant's Pass.
ARPers: narphoenix (Doc), Sabi (Amiel), Winter_Cherry (Al, Shiba, and Argeno)

Simon rolled his eyes as Doc blathered, clapping his fingers against his thumb like flapping gums. Seriously, why did he insist on digging his own grave? Then he stepped forward into the fray, putting up his hands as if to separate Doc and the girl who held him, but without touching either. "Listen," he said firmly, looking into Shiba's eyes. "I sincerely apologize for my... Um, I don't even know what to call this guy. Anyway, he's being a jerk. Sorry.” He sighed. “Now listen. I know that we all don’t trust each other in the slightest, and that’s fine. Great. Do what you want. But I’m just going to say that we don’t have any reason to be fighting right now. So, please kindly stop. Otherwise we’re never going to get anything done.”

He stepped back a bit, tensed to intervene again if either of them made a move. “Anyway, my name’s Simon, for those of you who don’t know. Hi.”

Ayami Chiyoko
Deviant Tattu
Shibuya, Japan
ARPers: None at the moment

Ayami stood back to admire her work: a white crane in flight, surrounded by rainbow colors, painted on the side of a hotel. Wonderful. With a satisfied smile, she tossed her cans of spray-paint into her backpack and hopped off the crate she'd been standing on. She danced down the streets, wishing that the WAE could see how beautiful it all was: all the Deviants milling about. It was an uncertain situation, to be sure, but Ayami was undaunted. The WAE will not take back this city!

Cyrus Nelvenmig and Fury
'Lion-thing' and other lion-thing
Umecit, en route to Ahaelos
ARPers: Hem.

As Fury lagged behind the group, lost in thoughts, she heard Veza talking about warmth in the stones below them. Curious, Fury placed her pads on the rocks; certainly enough, she felt a faint heat radiating from them. I have to pay better attention, she chided herself.

"Does anyone else feel that we are not walking on normal ground?" Veza ventured. Fury didn't bother to reply; you were never walking on normal ground in Ahaelos.

Shiri, Silverstreak, and Kari didn't seem to have answers. Dos began to ramble; Fury was careful to follow his rantings, but he wasn't making much sense. "An immobile Sona?" she growled. "That sounds pretty much pointless."

"Maybe not," said Cyrus. Fury looked up at him, her ears raised in surprise; he sounded spooked. "I may be going crazy here, but... Dos, if you're right about this Sona's creator wanting to control a whole area... The people who would be doing that are not people that we want to meet, I think. And if the WAE is as far as Ahaelos..." he broke off, shaking his head.

The Engineer
Neutral Griff-Sona
ARPers: narphoenix (Leeroy)

Leeroy was waiting for the Engineer in the latter's workshop. The flame-cloaked griffin heaved a sigh at the sight of the automaton, lying on the floor with a leg missing and one arm holding the other one.

"I thought I told you to be careful," the Engineer said, inspecting the dents and rents all over the gold body. He looked at the place where Leeroy's leg had been not too long ago. "Most if not all of the joints and wires in your leg have been corroded. Some I can fix, but some I'll have to replace. The arm..." he paused to give the shoulder joint a once-over. "The arm will be much easier to fix. A few severed wires, but the more complicated bits seem to have survived."

Saying this, he got to work, beginning to reattach the broken-off limb.

Crane Sona
ARPers: None at the moment

Far above Ahaelos, Nadi flew, enjoying the sight of the rolling land before her, savoring the feeling of the wind in her feathers. This was the way life should be: no worries or dangers. No enemies crawling around, trying to taint the world's colors with dingy gray.

After a short while, Nadi noticed a group of Sonas on the ground - a large group. She frowned; that meant trouble most of the time. The sight of a hulking, robotic dragon didn't help much to assuage the fortuneteller's fears. Wary of being spied, she landed on a tall rock and watched them in an attempt to figure out who they were and what their purpose was.
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